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Sunday, August 09, 2015
Weird monetization

I always considered the item shop in Card Hunter fair, and the game offering a good balance between what you can get for free and what you get if you pay a reasonable amount of money. And at first glance the iOS version Loot & Legends looked similar, albeit with higher prices for Loot Club membership. So I bought the basic edition special pack and started playing on Friday, having extended the Loot Club membership to two days.

By Sunday I had not only reached the end of the club membership. I also had reached the end of the campaign game. Loot & Legends is significantly shorter than even the basic version of Card Hunter, so at level 10 I had reached the last map. And then it turns out that there is absolutely no reason for me to spend any more money on the game. In Card Hunter you can get xp and loot by replaying maps (after a day). In Loot & Legends that isn't possible. You can replay as much as you want, but you'll only get gold, no xp, no loot. Thus no need for a Loot Club here.

Loot & Legends has an arena mode, but apparently the Loot Club only gives you 5 more points on a win. But you always fight the same enemy team (a mirror of your team) on the same handful of maps, so that mode isn't very interesting. So basically I reached the end of the game after only two days, and have no more reason to play or to spend money on the game. And generally I found Loot & Legends easier than Card Hunter, so I could probably have finished the game without paying anything. The basic edition special pack for $10 turned out to be more than enough.

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