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Wednesday, September 02, 2015
Free2Play MMORPG goes subscription-based

Now this must be a first! A Tale in the Desert changes its business model from Free2Play to subscription based. After a million headlines of games heading in the other direction, this is an interesting move.

I believe the economics of this is based on the fact that A Tale in the Desert is very, very niche. It doesn't profit much from a Free2Play approach, because it can't really hold casual players very long, being too far away from people's expectations. So for a very small and dedicated player base, the subscription model probably works better.

Allods Online, originally being all F2P, in recent years has opened sub-only servers.

Good to see another MMO going in the right direction, and I don't think this will be the last such game to do this, in addition to the next wave of MMOs being sub as well (Crowfall, CU).
while not sub only, the upcoming swtor expac requires a sub to access it.
Ok, seriously... $12/month for this:

That is a very shallow judgement. You don't pay those $12 for the fancy graphics, but for a truly unique and different MMORPG unlike any other out there.
I always thought ATitD was a sub-based MMO? Did it switch from sub to F2P at some point and is now switching back?
Yes, it did.
In understand but it looks like crap, it really is ugly under every "visual" aspect (animations included). It really must be an amazing game to do that move. I've never heard about it in the news/blogs.
Like Carson said, ATITD was always subscription -- did they dip into F2P at some point?
It seems to be a trend among established indie games: Fallen London (formerly Echo Bazaar) switched to a subscription-based system this summer.
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