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Friday, September 18, 2015
iOS 9

Lately I've been playing two games on my iPad which frequently have server connection problems: Magic Duels and Fifa Ultimate Team 15. That is annoying by itself, but the problem is clearly on the side of the server. Now I just updated my iPad to iOS 9 and the problem has become one of the operating system: A server problem on either of these games now causes the application to crash to desktop. Which makes retrying to get a connection a lot harder.

In short, up to now I'm not terribly impressed by iOS 9.

No problems here (U.S.) with Magic Duels servers or with crashes both before and after IOS9. However, a lot of horror stories on the forums about not only crashes but loss of cards bought and gold won.

PS: do you know if AutoCard Safari extension works on IOS version?
I've been having a bad streak with iOS gaming recently, also.

My most recent go-to game, "Card King: Dragon Wars", had an update around 3 weeks ago. After that, the game would not open anymore for many people. All work-arounds proposed never worked for me and still no patch has been released since. I deleted it and moved on, losing 3 months of daily-playing progress.

The worse is that I began playing this previous game because, after an IOS 8 update, tons of "Marvel: Puzzle Quest" save files got corrupted. Since these are server side, we couldn't do anything, even if my save file was linked to a Facebook account (I thought I would be better protected against these shenanigans...fool). I got a bit antsy: I was playing this game almost every day since its release about 2 years ago and spent a small sum on it, too.

We waited. Support told us to wait for a fix or enter a ticket. I did both: ticket never got answered still to date and a patch came about 2 weeks later. I was angry at having lost 2 weeks of daily rewards, but I'm a patient man, I would get over it.

After installing the game update, it still didn't work. Then I got hit by a brick when reading the patch note, which said: "Prevent corruption of save file due to the new iOS update". The fix prevented the save game corruption bug, but did not address the actual files that were corrupted! This is crazy...I lost faith and eventually dropped any hope of coming back.

My opinion on iOS gaming, which was very high before, now is at an all-time low. I'm now getting back full-time in Hearthstone...I have more faith in Blizzard making sure their games are operating than all these newbie companies that try (and mostly fail) to get a share of the pie.
Seen a few games have advised their users NOT to update to iOS 9 because the companion app isn't ready. Also, notably, Quickflix a relatively popular streaming service here in Oz.

Far as I can see, there must've been quite a few changes that MANY developers weren't ready for.
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