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Thursday, May 19, 2016
Zeitgeist: The Dying Skyseer - Session 05

In the previous session the constables of the RHC battled evil spirits on the top of Cauldron Hill. Before that fight they had shared a vision with the skyseer that had warned them of an imminent arson attack on the factory of the skyseer's nephew, Heward Sechim. So now they descended from Cauldron Hill, in order to prevent that arson.

On their way down they had to pass by the manor of Mayor Macbannin, which they found unusually animated given that it was 2 am: The mayor was standing in pyjamas and bathrobe in his courtyard, discussion with a patrol of 6 soldiers, led by a Lieutenant Dale. An army post in the city had seen the bright lights of the magnesium grenade on top of Cauldron Hill (which had started the combat) and had come to investigate. The mayor explained that he had failed to notify the military that there would be somebody on top of the hill, and hadn't expected the bright light. The constables commandeered the patrol of soldiers to come with them to the factory (something they can do due to their prestige rating with Risur), while sending Nevard the skyseer back by carriage to his henge.

Arriving at the factory they found 2 dragonborn with 4 human minions setting up flammable liquids around the factory and the roof, which they had brought with a cart. Shouting "Stop! Police!" the constables started combat. The paladin marked the dragonborn pyromancer on the roof, which had important consequences. Instead of casting his wall of fire to include the cart with the flammable liquids (as foreseen in the tactics section of that encounter), the pyromancer was forced to include the paladin in his spell area, so he cast it across the street, dividing the group in two. The flamboyant and the sorceress of the group had advanced along the street to get line of sight into the alley around the corner of the factory to attack the dragonborn warrior and the minions there. Now they found themselves separated from the rest of the group by a wall of fire, and being attacked by that dragonborn warrior.

But the group pressed ahead, some moving through the wall of fire in spite of the damage received, some going around via the roof of the factory. The invoker cast a spell that pulled the dragonborn pyromancer off the roof, resulting in serious fall damage. Being just hired for the arson, the dragonborn brothers decided that it wasn't in their interest to fight to the death against a group that wasn't easy to dissuade. Leaving their minions behind they fled the scene in the third round of combat. The group had lost only some of the allied soldiers (also just minions), and easily managed to extinguish the factory fire caused by the wall of fire because the cart hadn't exploded.

The group got in a few hours of sleep before their daily status meeting at the RHC headquarters at 8 am. Their boss, Assistant Chief Inspector Stover Delft, wasn't very hopeful that their help to the skyseer would result in viable information about the eco-terrorist Gale and her network. So while they were waiting on that, Delft told them to investigate other clues. They had previously found an invoice about 2450 gold worth of potions and alchemical materials, signed "D.W.", and the inspector wanted to know about who was supplying the terrorists. He suggested that Nilasa's accomplices, recently caught in a raid and currently in jail, might provide some information. The group sensed that the inspector was more a believer in solid police footwork than heroic actions, and decided to do that next.

Having finished the section of the adventure dealing with Cauldron Hill and the aftermath, the group gained level 3. So we ended the session there.


It's strange that I'm imagining english type police men with magic chasing down dragonborn arsonists. Still cool, just strange. The setting is just a bit alien to me. :P
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