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Sunday, March 05, 2017
Nothing to say

I had a very busy time at work, followed by a week of well-deserved vacation in the sun. So I have been rather inactive on the blog. Well, if you are one of the last remaining regular readers you will have noticed that my posting frequency went way down anyway, to about once per week. I simply don't feel the need to express my thoughts in writing any more, and can't think of anything interesting to write about. A new console comes out, Nintendo Switch, and I'm not even faintly interested (what would I need a "mobile console" with 2 hours battery life and few games for?). I haven't played any MMORPG since my last short visit to World of Warcraft. And there are so many games coming out every week now that writing about any game means mostly talking to an audience that doesn't know that game and isn't even all that interested.

On the PC I frequently play games that came out months or even years ago, because Steam sales make that so much more attractive than buying the latest games for $50 to $60. Steam sales also mean that 200 out of the 300 games in my steam library are still unplayed. There is a glut of games, and far too little time to play them all. Never mind blogging about them to an audience that isn't interested in my thoughts about last year's games anyway.

The one thing I am sure to continue is the journal of my Dungeons & Dragons 4E Zeitgeist campaign, but we play at most twice per month. I am currently thinking about starting another campaign in a local role-playing club, but that won't be soon either. I'd first want to test the waters by DM'ing a one-off adventure to see how it goes. And the campaign I'd like to run would again be Zeitgeist, but this time in 5th edition. Only the publication of that just started on EN5ider, publishing short chapters about every 2 weeks. At this rate it'll be months before I even have the first adventure together.

I do like 4th edition Dungeons & Dragons, or "D&D Tactics" as I like to call it. I'd love to have the opportunity to play it, but I can't find a DM for it. And the one campaign I do run as the DM shows one reason for that: 4E is a lot more work for the DM than 5E. And I'm getting lazier. :) So the future for me is definitively 5th edition. Only in my current Zeitgeist campaign half the players don't speak English, and although there are two projects of unofficial translations of D&D 5E into French crowdfunded (Héros & Dragons and Dragons), it'll still take a while before those deliver. So don't expect a lot of blogging activity about that anytime soon.

I think this may be my first ever comment here, but I just wanted to chime in and say that I appreciate reading your thoughts whether they're on current games, old games, or not-games-at-all. I learn a lot of your economic insights on real and fake events.

Being lazy is okay, too, but I think you'll continue to have an audience as long as you want one. :)
Some of my favorite posts are about gems I may have not known about or over looked (shop heroes for example)
I love your RPG blog and will continue to read it till you stop. I appreciate all your other entries and even read all the comments. Yours is one of the few blog i check almost daily.

Being lazy is ok, i know i am :)

If you're not getting anything anymore out of blogging, i understand the need to step back.

Ditto with these comments. I find a lot of your posts engaging, and check your blog each morning. I'll be here as long as you continue.
I also struggle to find something to say. Trump was a huge help, but game-wise I have to think hard. Are you finally accepting that games changed for the worse over the last decade? Remember the vibrant community back then around WoW!
Gev, WoW sucked just as bad back then. They just hadn't burned through several decades worth of MMO players yet.

It's hard to separate getting older with our impression of video games. But there's only so many cycles of FPS and MMO games you can take before you realize it's basically all the same stuff.
We are of a similar age Tobold and like you I have pretty much given up trying to keep up with the glut of new games coming out. I did find an unexpected source of gaming inspiration however in Humble Bundles $12 monthly subscription bundle. I have been subscribed for almost a year and it has become my main source of games. This has nothing to do with price. I just like getting a curated list of games every month. Most are titles I had never heard of and wouldn't otherwise have considered playing. Yet I nearly always find at least one gem every month which keeps me playing. Not a whole lot of blogging potential admittedly because a. These are often lesser known games and b. By the time you find out what is in a bundle it is too late for others to buy it.

A writer writes, as the saying goes. If you don't want to be one, that's fine.

Same probably applies to "gamer".
Man, I know what you mean about 4th edition. I badly want to play a 4th edition campaign but I just don't think I can get the people together to do it. It's this awkward place where the people I know that like DnD prefer 5th or pathfinder, and the people that don't...just aren't really interested enough in 4th edition to be worthwhile. I would probably have to DM instead of getting to play, and I am a really inexperienced DM with my own problems anyway (I have issues killing PCs even when they deserve it and tend to fudge dice in favor of the players WAY too often) so it would probably suck.
I hear you on the games, I re-subbed to WoW for a few months. I was able to get a group of 4 other friends to do the same with the idea that we'd all roll new characters and level them up together in dungeons. It was fun doing the dungeons but I had no draw at playing alone like I used to. The dungeons are so ridiculous easy that we can do the level appropriate ones in about 20 minutes. No more planning out pulls or marking anyone.

I haven't played any games on steam in so long. I basically just play a few mobile games now. They aren't even that great. Castle Clash is a clash type game that runs on auto pilot in most modes but I like it because you build a team, give it certain attributes and see if it's successful or not. Most of the strategy involves building teams and customising their attributes.
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