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Friday, July 28, 2017
Dawn of Crafting

If you like crafting in games, I have a game recommendation for you. It is a mobile game called Dawn of Crafting, and it has eaten up lots of my hours over the last two days. This is not some Free2Play game, and so there are no artificial "energy" limitations how much one can play. So I quickly became engrossed in the intricate sysrem, which starts very simple with stone age gathering and then becomes more and more complex. In spite of a very simple interface the game becomes very interesting while you try to advance your various crafting skills, do quests, and keep yourself stocked with all necessary resources.

You start out with an old advisor who gives you some guidance on what to do in the form of quests and a "minion" who is doing all the gathering, hunting, logging, and the like for you. You craft items by combining them with each other and with tools. There is some guesswork involved, but crafting with the same metrials repeatedly also gives you "ideas", so that these materials appear in the appropriate recipes in your recipe book. As projects become more complex, you can automate some tasks like sending out your minion for longer trips or having food eaten automatically.

The game quickly evolves a strong pull where you want to finish some project and suddenly look up and realize you've spent hours on it without noticing. Recommended!

Interested, but iOS only, unfortunately. With Android ETA not anytime soon ( Is such a thing playable on a large phone, or do you need a tablet?
It's playable on a phone, the UI isn't very detailed nor complicated.
What is their business model?
They sell the game for €3,49.
Bah, no android version. Sounds interesting though.
@tobold thanks for sharing.

@tithian We'd love to add an Android version though we're still not making enough on iOS let alone also support Android.

@perkus nice research
No Android port... :-(
I saw the title of this post and expected it to be about how the crafting systems in games are getting worse :)
Tobold I picked it up for my IPad and it's definitely worth it, gets better the longer you play as new options and additions are constantly opening up. Not looking up the recipes is also a non-WoW trait that I had forgotten about, the joy of discovery. I think that's why I still follow you all these years. While I don't find D&D that interesting to follow I know that if you suggest a game it will more likely than not be something I'll enjoy as well. Tale in the Desert for example, never would have played it if not for you. Cheers mate keep up the good work.
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