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Sunday, January 12, 2020

In World of Tanks there is currently a "Tankrewards" event going on. These events are slightly different, and weirdly so, from the usual events in that you gain points in the game but then need to visit a website to redeem the rewards for these points. In the EU the external site is called Tankrewards.EU. You can probably figure out the name of the site for the other servers. :)

The event gives you a bit over 3 weeks to collect points, and gives you up to 4 tiers of rewards if you reach 3,000 points over this period. Tier 3 is at 2,000 points, and as you can get 100 points per day for just playing a battle, tier 3 can be reached with very little effort, as long as you play every day. Tier 4 is not so much more difficult, but you will have to do other missions to achieve it: There are 9 missions every day, asking you to win a game and be in the top 10 with a tank from each tier from 2 to 10. Tier 2 to 7 missions give 10 points each, tier 8 to 10 missions give 20 points each, for a daily maximum of 220 points.

Not wanting to overoptimize this, I just tried to get as many points per day as my playtime allowed me, up to now. I just reached tier 3, and with over 10 days to go I can get tier 4 just by playing a single battle every day. But the exercise of going through all tiers to try to win a battle in the top 10 really drove home the point of how different the game is at the different tiers. It is a lot easier for me to win a battle in the top 10 at lower tiers, and quite hard to do so at tier 10.

Now statistically 10 players out of the 30 players in a battle are in the top 10 of the winning side; so on average you need to play 3 games per tier to fulfil the mission condition. However that assumes a player that is completely average at every tier. In reality an average player like me has a slightly higher winrate at lower tiers, and a much better chance to be in the top 10 of his team, so at low tiers I need on average maybe 2 games to do the mission. At the top tier my winrate is slightly lower, but my chance to be in the top 10 is much reduced, so I need on average maybe 5 games to do the mission.

The most frustrating part is the impression that I have very little influence on whether a battle is won or lost. Now top players like Quickybaby argue that it is up to you whether you win or lose. However Quickybaby has a winrate of 60%. That to me suggests that he didn't influence the 40% of games that he lost. And a very bad players (and in one notable exercise a player who just went afk in every game for testing purposes) have a winrate of 40%, I would think that another 40% of Quickybaby's game would have been won with or without him. So a great player has a positive influence in only 20% of his games. And an extremely bad player has a negative influence on 20% of his games. If you draw a curve between those two extremes it becomes obvious that anybody in between influences fewer of his games. Even if every game had one player "carrying" it for his team, that would be only 3.3%, one player out of 30. Even if I imagine I "carried" every game in which my team won and I came top on experience and damage, that is not more than those 3.3%. Thus the frustration when I play well, and my team loses anyway, and I can't get my mission done because of it. Fortunately the event doesn't require me to get full points every day.


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