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Saturday, July 18, 2020
Switch design flaw

I have a first generation Switch console. During my current holidays, I am using it without a docking station as a mobile gaming device. But as the battery life isn’t great, I keep the power cable plugged in. And I have to say, the power goes in at completely the wrong position, at the bottom. Which means that when holding it, the power cable point towards you, and is constantly in the way. You can’t really rest the Switch in your lap when sitting, or on your belly when laying down.

Now the reason the power plug is at the bottom is because there it connects with the docking station when you place the Switch in there. So I understand the need for the power plug to be in the middle of the broad side of the console. But why not place it on top instead of at the bottom. You’d need to insert the Switch into the docking station upside down, but that doesn’t really change anything. But as a plugged-in mobile device, the power cable going in at the top would be much more convenient and comfortable.

Yup super annoying to play and charge. And unfortunately there arent many 3rd party solutions to help. The only things I've seen are bulky battery packs that increase the weight considerably.
Why not use something like a right angled power cable like this one ?

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