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Monday, July 13, 2020
What games are better on the PS4?

I’ve been visiting my family, and my nephew showed me his brand new Playstation 4 console. However, he was a bit disappointed that when he installed his favorite game, Fortnite, on the PS4 it played worse than on his PC. Longer loading times, and the controller not so suited for shooter games. That got me thinking that there are games on my PC where I deliberately choose a game controller over mouse and keyboard. Not shooter games, but other 3D open world games, where having two sticks for movement and camera controls are quite an advantage.

As I don’t own a PS4, I was wondering which games I would prefer to play on a PS4, rather than playing the game on my PC. Maybe some PS4 exclusive games that aren’t shooters? Or some open world games, like Assassin’s Creed? Or maybe something completely different, like a soccer game that can be played by two players with two controllers simultaneously. Consoles are obviously better for that than PCs. I’d be grateful for any advice from PS4 owners, so that I can pick some good games to buy for my nephew for Christmas, when I will see them again.

The last of us 2 is a must play when you have a ps4, but if he plays fortnite, he is probably not old enough. I would say 16-18 for the gore of it and 25+ to get the full out of the story.
God of war and red dead redemption 2 are also good candidates, but also not for small kids.
Spider man is a good game for kids, my son is 10 and loved it (me too)
I find most 3rd person games are better with a controller and thus would be fine on consoles.

There is also the obvious PS4 exclusives you cant play on PC but idk if you'd go for any of those.
Fifa is more expensive, but better on consoles - and also much more fun, side by side!
Obviously - Uncharted. All parts of it.
Bought them for myself, but finally my 10 yo son fell in love with franchise and finished all of them.
I bought a PS4 after playing Beat Saber on the VR portion they have. It's not exclusive to PS4 since you can also get the game on Occulus Rift but I looked into the Rift and you need a pretty hefty gaming PC on the top of the cost of the Rift. Setup also looked a little more difficult so I opted for the PS4 Pro + PSVR gaming bundle. It's not cheap but I'm fortunate enough to be a middle aged man with a decent income. I've played that game a lot in the past year. I also bought a few other VR games, Blood and Truth is a shooter, I'm not very good but luckily it has an easy mode that even I'm ok at. Tetris in VR is quite relaxing but you use the regular controller rather than the move controllers. I tried a few other demos but I'm not very good at video games anymore so decided not to get them. Astrobot was a cool concept, basically a sort of side scroller classic video game were you collect things and clear each level. The difference is your kind of "in" the level and it happens all around you, I just didn't like some places that were hard to see, like walking on a platform over you. I've downloaded No Man's Sky VR and hope to play that at some point, I just don't game very much in the summer.
The Last of Us and Uncharted series for sure; Days Gone, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Spider-Man, the new God of War, so many good games on the PS4. As a side note, I have a PS4 Pro and prefer Fortnite on it to PC for two reasons: I vastly prefer the PS4 controller (don't know why, just do...I even use it on PC), and on console you are more likely to be grouped with other console gamers against whom I have a slight chance of surviving rather than the PC master race of builders. The experience PC (frequent and early death) vs. PS4 (I can sometimes even win a match) is stark. My son prefers PC though so probably just a slow dad problem.
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