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Thursday, February 18, 2021
Valheim - How to teleport ore and metal

Once you killed the first boss in Valheim, you get the material needed to make a pickaxe, and you can start mining copper and tin, advancing you into the bronze age. In the bronze age you will also learn how to make teleportation portals. But it turns out that in Valheim, metal and teleportation don't go together well: The ore and metal bar have the curious property of "can't be teleported", and if you step into a portal while carrying ore or metal bars, the teleportation won't work. This is done to force you to use other means of transport, for example pulling a cart from your copper mine to your home base. Which is very time consuming, and not very practical over longer distances.

As I mentioned, I played Valheim on a random world, and then created a world with a custom seed that I liked better. And in the process of "moving house" I discovered that while metal can't be teleported, it can be "transported" with no problem from one world to another by simply logging out and logging on into a different world. So now my mining activity still happens in my first world, and when my inventory is full, I simply switch worlds. In the new world, my character is standing next to chests and the smelter, so he just unloads the ore, logs out again, and logs in back into the old world with the mine.

Probably not "working as intended", because the devs went out of their way to make transporting metal difficult. But once you realize that the procedurally generated worlds are completely interchangeable, and that your character is saved separately from the world, playing on two worlds has a lot of advantages. Not just for metal transport, but also if you are on a very long exploration tour and would really like to empty your inventory, repair your gear, and the like.

Let's hope they put a fix in for this exploit soon. Thanks for bringing it into the light.
Nice workaround to an annoying game mechanic. I don't care for that degree of realism in a "game."
Does the game allow modding? Oxygen Not Included featured some of this completely idiotic "add annoyance for the sake of making the game feel hard", which I solved with the use of some very welcome mods....
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