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Friday, May 07, 2021

I now have a nice collection of Kickstarter board games, most of which are on the big and complex side. I mostly stopped buying new games now. On my recent holiday I brought some of those games, but ended up never playing them with my wife: There wasn't a really big table in the apartment we rented, and the whole setting up, explaining rules, and playing experience would have taken too long. I need something smaller and easier for occasions like that.

So I backed the Kickstarter of Glory: 2nd edition. Normally I would be a bit wary of games that don't fund very fast, but for a second edition of a game that got reasonably good reviews on Board Game Geek the risk of it being a scam is minimal. The game uses dry-erase markers to write on the various cards, which necessitates a relatively high quality of laminated cardboard; that makes the game a bit expensive for a relatively simple RPG, which is probably why it isn't more popular. But I watched it played on YouTube, and quite like it. It fits my requirement of being fast to set up, easy to explain, and not too long to play. While still being a fantasy RPG experience, and not just something abstract.


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