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Saturday, June 12, 2021
Impressed by a Steam feature

The Epic Games Store still has its "Epic Mega Sale" event going until June 17. I mentioned recently that I bought Assassin's Creed Valhalla, using an €10 coupon in addition to the regular discount. What I didn't mention was that apparently you get a new €10 coupon every time you buy a game, even if that game is free, or you bought it with the previous coupon. So you can get an endless string of coupons going, applicable to any game over €14.99. So my eye fell on Going Medieval, and early access medieval village building game with good reviews. It was only slightly discounted from €22.99 to €20.69. But of course the €10 coupon takes off nearly half of that for these lower priced games. So I bought Going Medieval for €10.69.

At that point I remembered to switch to Steam, in order to remove Going Medieval from my wishlist there. I know me; I would be perfectly able to buy Going Medieval again in a few months on Steam at some sale, not remembering I already have it on Epic Games. So I started thinking, maybe there is a way to add the game bought on Epic Games to my Steam library? Well, there is and there isn't. You can add any game to your Steam library with the "Add a non-Steam game to my library" function. But that will only enable you to start the game from your Steam library. It will *not* update your wishlist, or show that you already own the game. It would be possible with me to end up with two copies of Going Medieval in my Steam library. This is not the function I was looking for.

But, impressively, there is another function in the Steam store: If you go to the Steam store page of the game, next to the wishlist button and the follow button, there is an "ignore" button. And if you click on the little down arrow next to that ignore button, there is actually an option "Played on another platform". That hides the game from the Steam store, but still can use it to create recommendations. Great! It is quality of life features like that which make Steam my primary PC games platform, and everything else secondary. You could only beat that with a "import games library from another platform" button, and that is probably beyond the limit of cooperation between those platforms.

Tried the new gog app? It can automatically list all games on Steam, epic, Xbox etc.

I've not had much cause to use it as a game manager, I mostly play one game at a time and use right click - launch game on Steam. But it is quite impressive as a library manager.
@Dan: Wow, now I even more impressed. The GOG Galaxy 2.0 actually works, and shows all my games from GOG, Steam, Epic, Uplay, Origin, and Xbox Live (after spending like 15 minutes to link all those accounts). For a subscription service like Xbox Live I can even switch between games I own, and games I have access to via the subscription, for browsing. And in some cases the browsing is better on GOG Galaxy 2.0 than it is on the original platform! Very, very neat!
Ugh, I own 557 games on PC, and have access to 253 more via subscriptions. Too many games, too little time!
I second Dan's recommendation of the new Gog Galaxy app. It tracks Stem, Gog, Xbox, Origin etc it even tracks unclaimed keys from Humble bundle. It is the only way I can check if I have already acquired a game on another platform. The only concern is that you need to give the app access to all of your accounts which could be a security risk.
Was gonna suggest Galaxy 2.0 but been beaten to it :)

And I own 2181 games according to Galaxy. I might have bought a few too many.
Poor me has only 261 games listed in GOG Galaxy, of which 45-46 are on Steam, and I don't have much other accounts and subs.

Still I don't have the time to play all of those :-(
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