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Sunday, July 04, 2021
Doubled the power of my heroes in Shop Titans

I've been playing Shop Titans since March, and it turns out that I am an idiot, and was equipping my heroes all wrong. In my defense, the game is called Shop Titans, not Hero Titans, and I considered sending out heroes on quests to get crafting materials as a less important, secondary activity. My shopkeeper is level 58, my heroes at or near level 33 (which until very recently was our guilds hero level cap, but we just increased that to 35), and I was doing okay with the daily crafting material gathering quests. Only when there were events, like the Tower of Titans, I noticed that my guildmates appeared to be doing much better than me.

So I finally took the time to look stuff up, and watch some videos on YouTube. And it turned out that I simply hadn't understood enchantments at all. You can put various elemental enchantment on gear, like an enchantment that gives "+15 fire". When I tried that on a random hero, the effect was minor, so I dismissed that part of the game and didn't bother with it. Boy, was I wrong! What I hadn't seen when I was doing that was that every hero has his own preferred element. Put "+15 fire" on a hero whose preferred element is nature, and not much happens. Put it on a hero whose preferred element is fire, and the combined score of all fire enchantments on that hero determines the level of his skills. And higher level skills have a huge effect on the power of heroes.

Before I learned this, my best hero had a power score of 14k. Now that I enchanted all my heroes with their respective elements to the max, my best hero has a power score of 32k. And pretty much every hero doubled his power, so my weakest heroes are now where my strongest hero used to be. The effect is bigger on heroes that have more skills, so suddenly ditching the old classes of heroes and replacing them with heroes of classes you unlock later makes sense. I haven't fully gone down the hero optimization rabbit hole yet, you can find a lot of guides and spreadsheet simulators for that online. But I rerolled some skills that didn't improve the main stats of my heroes, and that boosted their power further. Right now I am pretty happy with the result, and will slowly replace the less good heroes by the more advanced classes.

How do you manage to stay interested in the game? Even casually playing few minutes/day it becomes extremely slow and repetitive very soon. It's also pestered with (very bad) offers/ads all the time, it's super-annoying. There isn't much variety in the game either. On top of that, selling stuff to npcs is a waste of time once you acquire the market and effortlessly sell the same gear at 10x the price to random players.
@Rugus: My answer to this got so long, I made a post out of it.
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