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Saturday, July 03, 2021
Wildermyth Backstage

While Wildermyth is a very good roleplaying game as written, the devs decided to also give everyone who wants backstage access: In the "tools - open editor" section of the menu you will find a ton of development tools, which allow you to modify the game, and create your own content. The only caveat is that the tools are provided in the state the devs use them, and so there isn't a lot of handholding going on. There is an excellent tutorial on Steam though.

Roleplaying games frequently have a combat part, and story part. The story in Wildermyth is told by events, and displayed in comic panels. With the editor you can make your own panels and tell your own stories. The interesting thing is that these events aren't completely random: You can define when they happen, and what characters need to be present in your party to make these events happen. In the tutorial linked above, the event only happens if a bookish character and a friend of that character are present. And then the event is about friends discussing books. You could make a story that only happens if a character with a specific characteristic dies, or one that only happens if a specific type of character encounters specific foes. Because with each playthrough the characteristics of your characters will be different, different stories can happen.

To test this, I decided to make a mini mod for Wildermyth, just for myself, with a single event. After victory in a battle, the party finds a mysterious book. They can choose to keep the book, or leave it alone. If they keep it, they gain it as an item; if they leave it, they earn some xp. While the event is very simple, it took me several attempts and modification before it was working like I wanted. For example, at first I tried to create the outcome of the party gaining the book with the "addGear" outcome; it turned out that I needed to use the "upgradeGear" outcome, with a "query": { "forceItemId": "spellbook" } property. And for some reason, when I select "party" as the target of gainXP, the game gives them xp one by one, instead of all at once, so any outcome panel I create is displayed three times.

In other words, after taking hours to create a single small event, I decided that I am not going to be a story author for this game. But the look behind the scenes, how the game works, was quite interesting. And of course, other people are far more talented than I am, and you can find mods with various events on the Steam workshop.

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