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Monday, October 04, 2021
Don't read this, play a game instead!

I haven't had much energy lately, especially not in the evenings after coming back home from work. As a result, most of my evenings lately have been spent with passive entertainment, like watching YouTube videos. And because of my interest in games, many of those videos were about games. To some degree that is perfectly okay, if you like games it is sometimes good to look around what everybody else is playing, and see if there are any games you missed. But currently my ratio is completely out of whack, with me being *very* informed about all sorts of board and video games, and very rarely actually playing anything.

And then of course I realized that by doing game-related content creation on my blog, I am adding to the problem. Why are you reading this instead of playing a game? Now to some extent a blog, while being outdated as a medium, has one big advantage over a YouTube video: It is easier to read a blog while at the office, pretending to work. Many companies operate under an illusion that every employee is working 40 hours per week. In reality, the amount of work you actually have in an office job is likely to fluctuate, and sometimes you are just waiting for somebody else to provide you with data that will allow you to continue working. A certain amount of surfing the web is perfectly normal, as long as the content is "safe for work", which walls of text tend to be.

But if you are reading this at home, you could probably be playing a game instead. Why don't you?

Are you spying on me? LOL, but seriously, I so feel what you're describing. I read and watch a whole lot about games that I barely find the time to play. I read about you reading about games, even.
"But if you are reading this at home, you could probably be playing a game instead. Why don't you?"

Because reading is more fun than playing games and writing is more fun than both of them. Also because I'm rerading this while I wait for New World to load.
I was wondering what to say about New World, but ended up not writing anything, because I didn't buy the game and am not playing / waiting in a queue. The only thing I have that the leading supplier of cloud services apparently couldn't get a MMORPG launch server capacity right. Which is somewhat ironic.
I'm sure your post is a bit of sarcasm, however I read your blog since I find it interesting to see another persons perspective on things. I can count on you being reasonable so I don't have to worry about the quality of the information I get from your blog - I know it will be good.

I don't read this instead of playing games, I read this in addition to playing games. If I tried to game with 100% of my free time I think I'd burn out. I am actually still playing Genshin Impact, a game I tried because you blogged about it.
"pretending to work"

SHHH!!! Don't give it away!!!

"if you are reading this at home, you could probably be playing a game instead. Why don't you?"
Working from home !

More seriously, totally relate with this, I am reading about games far more than playing them !

Quick positive side note about this blog : it was part of the reason I started to do roleplay and GM.
I read this blog out of habit. And also because it's one of the few places these days I can have disagreements and debates about things like religion and politics without the conversation turning into name calling or straight insults.
Well, reading a piece in this blog doesn't really compete time-wise with anything other than say Minesweeper!

I have played a few new games recently from my backlog and been pleasantly surprised. Often I got them in bundles and didn't really know what they were. One gets out of the habit of trying new things. I think the secret of the backlog is to play them without commitment. Only think about finishing them if you really like them enough - otherwise accept that you got the fun experience without having to become a master.

On that basis, I got some hours out of Carto and Quell until the puzzles got too boring or hard. Superliminal will be continued intermittently when I'm in the mood. Nowhere Prophet - which I had never heard of - is stressful but my new favourite roguelite (completed on easy but it's brutal on normal and I can't imagine what hard is like). Fort Triumph I will have to play some more to decide how much I will play long term, but it's an intriguing turn-based tactics game.

It actually has made me more enthusiastic to buy Wildermyth and one or two others I find interesting. The backlog had poisoned my gaming because I didn't want to just play a random game that I could comfortably delete or just play for a few hours.
I find a lot of content that I end up trying based on your research, so keep reading about games because just because you don't end up playing them I will, thanks for the info all these years! I've never seen anything on A Tale in the Desert except from this blog and that was a goldmine.
I wonder is it an age thing Tobold? I also spend more time these days watching and reading about games than playing. As far as I know we are of very similar age. Playing the type of game I most enjoy takes a lot of mental effort. In my defence I am also very busy at work but I seem to get more tired than I used to.

The enforced working from home during lockdown has given me some new insights into the impact of "goofing off" while supposed to be at work. While working from home I have managed to be enormously productive while at the same time spending a lot more time browsing social media. Spending to much time on social media has its problems but in my case anyway it doesn't impact productivity.

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