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Tuesday, December 28, 2021
An interesting offer from Epic

Most of my PC games are on Steam. However, like many people, I do also have an Epic account, because they give you a free game every week (and more frequently during these holidays). And when "buying" such a free game today, Epic game me a $10 coupon for their current sale. You get a $10 coupon for every purchase, but that weirdly includes $0 purchases. This is not the first time they do that, the last time ended up buying Assassin's Creed Valhalla for $25.

This time I went for one of the most-maligned video games in history: Cyberpunk 2077. Which of course never was quite as unplayable on PC as it was on PS4. And has been repeatedly patched since it came out a year ago. Now the game is half price on both Steam and Epic, and with the $10 Epic coupon added, I ended up paying just $20 for the game. Which is about the level which I thought I could risk on it. I don't have plans to immediately play it, but I doubt it will be much cheaper anytime soon.

I am trying to decide between AC Valhalla and Marvell Guardians of the Galaxy myself. Valhalla has better review scores but no previous AC game has ever managed to hold my attention for long. Odyssey came close I will admit so if Valhalla is an improvement on Odyssey it might finally click for me. Guardians of the Galaxy on the other hand would be a leap of faith based on some podcasters I heard saying great things about the game.
I don't think the voucher was from the free game, everyone just has one and you get another one for "eligible transactions". They also apply multiple times if you have more than one $15 item in your cart. So you don't have to buy things one by one:
It's basically an additional $10 off.

Cyberpunk is $16/15€ if you buy through third party sellers.
It's an ok game in my opinion. Biggest draw-back for me is that it feels a bit lifeless, nothing really matters or has a lasting consequence, driving is pointless and car handling feels weird. Skills are ok, but some things are just way too powerful, semi-silent and ranged that they trivialise basically everything combat related (maybe a higher difficulty would change it).
Epic seems to be running a lot of sales in the attempt to steal customers from steam... unfortunately they are weak on the linux support side, only relying on lutris/proton and similar technologies, while steam offers full support. So for the moment I'm staying on steam, but I should probably put up Epic on the windows partition "just in case".
Cyberpunk is okay. It is pretty much a standard western style RPG in a cool but lifeless setting.

Well worth the $20. I've had it since launch and get bored with it every time I try to pick it back up. I've conceded that I'll probably play it to completion in a few years after DLC and whatnot adds more stuff to the world.
I absolutely love Cyberpunk 2077. I've been playing it since launch. I say been playing since I just started my fourth play through a few weeks ago. I've played 425 hours as of this post. Why? I love the world, characters, and stories that they created. I've been blown away by the emotions that this game has given me.

That said, the driving is horrible and the game play itself I think is just "okay". The voice acting, the stories, the characters, and the environment though are all top tier in my opinion. I liken this game to a Red Dead Redemption 2 with combat that suits me better.

Of course everyone's different - I couldn't get into the Witcher 3 after trying multiple times, but CP77 does it for me.
P.S. For one week, starting now, you can get the last 3 Tomb Raider games on Epic for free.
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