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Thursday, December 30, 2021
Cleaning up my Steam Wishlist

I don't know how you handle this, but I tend to use the Steam wishlist to mark games that I hear about and am interested in, but don't want to immediately buy. When there is a sale, I check which of the games have a good discount, and then decide whether I actually want to buy them. From time to time, I have to clean up my wishlist, because games tend to accumulate there faster than I want to buy them. I had over 50 games listed there now, and just managed to eliminate several.

One thing I thought about this time was to check my Steam wishlist against my PC Game Pass. I had games like Astria Ascending and Warhammer 40K Battlesector on my wishlist, but it turned out that I have free access to these games via the PC Game Pass. Sometimes I play a game on the PC Game Pass and then remember to mark it as "Ignored - Played on another platform" on Steam, but it is better to check than to buy a game I could have gotten for free.

One other game I eliminated from my wishlist for the simple reason that the developer studio had stopped making it, and there was a message from the publisher to that effect on Steam. But more often I eliminate "abandonware" by looking at the user reviews: If as game isn't at least "mostly positive", I kick it from the wishlist, and abandoned games tend to get negative reviews quickly.

Unfortunately my wishlist is still rather large. However, 15 games on it are "coming soon", so they haven't even been released in Early Access yet. Another 21 are in Early Access, and I tend to be a bit more careful before buying these. With the exception this year of Wartales, which I bought in Early Access this year on a recommendation, and it turned out to be one of the best PC games I played all year.

One sad record on my Steam wishlist is Warring States. A turn-based, hex-based, historical war game that looks quite interesting, but just not interesting enough. Steam tells me that I added it to my wishlist back in 2014, and I still haven't decided to either buy it or to remove it from the list. Well, probably better than having added it to my large library of shame of bought but unplayed Steam games.

Steam review bracketing is so weird. 69% is mixed and 80% is very positive. That's 11% difference between mixed and very positive... I have played mixed games that are better than the very positive ones. Of course that might be down to personal taste but anyway.

I also avoid early access games but put them on my wishlist. Both because it's better to see how they develop, and to avoid games that are in development hell or at risk of being abandoned.
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