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Wednesday, May 25, 2022
Prosperous Universe Giveaway

You know of these YouTube channels that do large giveaway promotions? That isn't me, this blog doesn't have the budget for that. :) Fortunately, because on YouTube there is now a new scam ongoing where scammers contact everybody who commented on such a giveaway video, telling them "you won, please send me $15 in shipping fees", pretending to be the channel owner. Oh, humanity!

But yesterday a reader of my blog contacted me in Prosperous Universe. Which made me very happy, because I wasn't totally sure anybody is actually reading my PrUn posts. I noticed that this reader was on a trial account. I had 3 keys in my possession for 1 free month of PRO account, which I got when I bought one of the supporter packages of Prosperous Universe. So I asked him whether he wanted one of those keys, and he accepted. A PRO account has access to local markets, which can be helpful at the start if you can find some decent shipping contracts that pay more than the cost of fuel. And there are minor quality of life features as well, like the ability to set a production to "recurring". It's not a huge advantage, but it is nice to have.

So I thought it would be a good idea to check with you whether there are other readers playing Prosperous Universe, who would be interested in a free key for 1 month of PRO. If you are, please contact me (USR Tobold) in game. If there are more than 2 people who want a key (which I would consider unlikely), the first 2 readers with a trial account who contact me in game will get the keys.


All keys are gone, within the day. Who would have thunk?
Not a surprise. It's a very good game (for its niche) and your info is interesting and helpful.

Alas, I could not utilize a key since I lack the self-control to avoid subscribing.
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