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Tuesday, May 03, 2022
PrUn Log - Stardate 2022-05-03

On the previous post, Maazels commented: "Maybe it's just me that this game is confusing to learn, I'm struggling to work out how to do things, even after going through the Youtube tutorials.". Good news, Maazels, it isn't just you. Prosperous Universe *is* confusing to learn. Actually, I hang out in the help chat of PrUn from time to time, just to answer questions of confused new players like you. The help chat is usually very helpful and willing to answer all new player questions. The community in PrUn is great!

Besides the tutorial videos, which could definitively be better, there are a number of videos from other people on YouTube or Twitch that cover the start of the game, or go through all steps. But the biggest newbie-friendly feature of PrUn is the COLIQ command, which allows you to liquidate your company and start over. Which means that you don't need to worry about getting your choice of career or starting planet wrong, or messing up you first base. If that happens, you can easily try again, applying everything you learned from the first run and doing better the second time around.

The other good news is that the UI is confusing because it is so extremely powerful. The best thing to do is to add lots of screens (the ADD button is at the top of each screen). And then you can split the one big "tile" you get into as many tiles as you want, change sizes as you want, and fill them with whatever command you want. For example I have a COM screen that has all of my chat windows. Or a screen with various information about my local commodity exchange, Moria.

Okay, back to the adventures of Kappa Alpha Industries. I had a flurry of exciting activity in the day since the last post.  Basically "my ship came in", my first larger delivery of goods produced at my base arrived at the commodity exchange, ready for sale. I had 100 rations, 40 drinking water, and 188 oxygen, for a total value of over 20k. Actually, only 88 of those oxygen were my first batch of production with a collector. The other 100 I had bought on the Verdant local market, where somebody had sold them for just 60 credits each during a dip in the market, and I was pretty sure that I could sell them for 75.

So I had just started selling my goods, and only had 129 oxygen left, when I was chatting on the corporation Discord about me selling my oxygen and wanting to buy building materials for a second food processor for the money. One of my guild mates asked me if I could sell him the oxygen instead on the nearby planet where our guild headquarters is, and offered me 100 credits each. So I did that, plus a couple of side deals with him. Meanwhile another friendly guild mate offered to sell me the construction prefabs I needed at a discount. So with getting extra money for my wares, and a discount on the prefabs, I was actually able to get the materials for both a second food processor and a third pioneer habitation module. It'll take a few more days to get everything transported to where it should. But by the end of the week, the net profit of my base should have gone up from currently 5.2k per day to 7k per day. And then I should write another blog entry about balancing the production between my water rig, the farm, and the two food processors.


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