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Sunday, June 19, 2022
Saltmarsh - Session 2

While preparing session 3 for later today I noticed that I completely forgot to blog the events of session 2. In session 1 the group was introduced as junior pirates, who fled the pirate realm Hold of the Sea Princes after finding out that the other pirates wanted to sacrifice them to a Krakolich to appease him. The group arrived at the small fishing town of Saltmarsh, and from there went to explore a "haunted house".

Session 2 starts back in Saltmarsh, where the group has spent the night at The Wicker Goat (La chèvre d'osier) inn, after returning from a first expedition into the haunted house. At breakfast they are visited by a delegation from the town council, led by a young man, Counsellor Anders Solmor, followed by his butler Skerrin Wavechaser and captain of the guard Eliander Fireborn. An Insight check reveals that Anders is clearly the one leading this delegation, with Eliander visibly much more reluctant to trust the group.

Anders tells the group that he is aware that they are adventurers who have been to the haunted house and came back wounded. He wants the group to go back in the name of the town council (and specifically himself), and clear the house of any ghosts or other menaces scaring the citizens of Saltmarsh. He can provide the group with an old building plan of the "Alchemist's House", suggesting that there are three floors of identical size: Upper floor, ground floor, and cellar. As previous visits by the town guard have found only a small cellar, he is willing to lend the group a Wand of Secrets, and promises them that wand and 100 gold pieces as reward for clearing out the house including all of the cellar. As part of the deal, on their presumably successful return, the group should also publicly praise Anders for the initiative to clear the haunted house (not mentioning that they went there on their own the first time). Realizing that this is quite a good deal, the group agrees.

The second trip to the haunted house is concentrated on the cellar. At first the dangers there seem mostly fake: Spells producing scary sounds and frightening people entering the cellar, a "death knight" built out of pots and pans (which turns out to be some sort of primitive alarm system). But some secret doors later the group has identified and beaten the real dangers: A group of smugglers using the caves under the house as a smuggling base, and, independently from that, a skeletal alchemist with some skeleton minions. Besides some treasure the group also finds the lantern which the smugglers use to signal their ship that the coast is clear. They could make use of that in the next session ...


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