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Friday, June 24, 2022
Selecting a CRPG

There are now over 50,000 games on Steam, and a lot more on other platforms. I don't know what percentage of these games are computer role-playing games, but it isn't exactly a rare category, so there are a lot of those. The "top sellers" and "top rated" tabs under the RPG tab on Steam each show over 1,500 games. And given that any CRPG takes a good number of hours, it is obviously impossible to play them all. So how do you decide whether a CRPG is right for you?

I just uninstalled Weird West, and was thinking about why that game wasn't right for me. My simplified model of CRPGs is that there is a repeating core activity, usually combat, embedded in a system like quests and/or story which drives you from one combat to the next. And quite often how enjoyable the repeating core activity is determines whether you are having fun or not. There are some cases where combat is okay-ish and gets old after a while, in which case you might be playing on a bit for the story. But if you don't like the combat system at all, no story in the world can keep you playing.

In Weird West the twin stick shooter combat wasn't to my liking at all. Not only was I not very good at it, even on easier difficulty. But even when I won a combat, I wasn't enjoying myself. I'm generally not a big fan of action combat in CRPGs, but some systems are still okay, e.g. Diablo-style clicking on enemy to attack, or the reasonable paced regular combat in World of Warcraft (outside raids). But twin stick shooting was both too hectic for me, and offered not enough options for decision-making.

Beyond combat, there are certain key elements in a CRPG which tend to be frequent enough to be bothersome if not done right. A prime example for that is the loot system. Fun CRPGs tend to have interesting loot, and a user-friendly inventory management system. Weird West has neither: The overwhelming percentage of loot found is junk or weapons for scrapping, and the limit to 48 inventory slots (notwithstanding the option to store some items in the bank or your saddlebags) is quite frequently annoying, because half of those are already full at the start of a dungeon with your weapons, ammo, and other gear you need, like shovels and pickaxes.

CRPGs by their very nature are games in which you repeat the same activities over and over. Thus these activities must be at least minimally enjoyable, otherwise they get on your nerves pretty quick and make you quit the game.

Now, I know this clearly doesn't belong here, but it also can't go in the place where it belongs. I expect it to be rapidly deleted, but then that will only add to the irony of the situation.

Because I cannot leave it without comment how utterly tonally perfect it is, that, on your latest "trans concern" post, while I was busy writing a final response, (which, by the way, included an aside to Esteban that will now, sadly, never reach its intended recipient,) you, after continually insisting that all trans people everywhere care nothing for their rights and only want to silence those who have opinions different from theirs... decided you had had enough of listening to people whose opinions differ from yours, and shut down comments. Perfect. No notes. 5/7 *chef's kiss*

I have honestly no idea what you are talking about. Note that comments on all my old threads close after a certain time to avoid spam comments on old threads. I have allowed you to post dozens of comments, several pages full. It is frankly ridiculous to accuse me to having censored you. And somewhat typical of the permanent victim attitude of the woke.

But as in all those pages you wrote you didn't even address the title and subject of my post, whether you think that a child is responsible enough to make a decision about its gender before it is responsible enough to drink a beer, I don't think there is any value in us discussing it further.
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