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Tuesday, July 05, 2022
PrUn Log - Stardate 2022-07-05

While my main base on Verdant hasn't changed since the last journal entry, my profits are down 20% to 22k net profit per day. Pretty much everything I produce has gone down in price, presumably because the wave of new players coming in through the release on Steam didn't last very long. Prosperous Universe remains a niche game and player numbers are down again.

My second base, on XG-326a is up and running, but not yet very profitable. The added materials needed to deal with the hostile environment (Hardened Structural Elements against high atmospheric pressure) make every building much more expensive, and thus payback periods are far longer. However, I do hope that with time the abundant mineral resources (limestone, silicon ore, titanium ore) will make up for this. I also hope that the carbon and oxygen I produce on Verdant can be profitably employed by a smelter operation on XG-326a to turn those ores into more valuable silicon and titanium.

I play Prosperous Universe on a PC, using a browser instead of the Steam client. Those two are pretty similar, but the browser allows some addons in the form of Chrome extensions. There is also a much reduced client available when using a browser on a mobile platform, like my iPad. Now, as usual, I will spend three weeks in July on my summer holidays, and I won't take any PC with me, just my Switch and iPad. So my Prosperous Universe activity will by technical necessity be much reduced. I'll try to stock up on things and just accumulate profits over that time, but things could easily go wrong and my production could come to a halt. To be continued in August.


When you were starting out, some guild members helped you out with favorable trade deals or something like that. Do you think you are at the point yet where you would be comfortable paying it forward, or is that something that's still weeks or months away?
Those deals were shipping contracts. You start out with 1 base and 2 ships, which is too many ships compared to the bases. You can easily run 3 or 4 bases with 2 ships, and beyond that, you have too much stuff to transport and not enough ships. Shipbuilding in PrUn is an extreme endgame activity, a third ship costs millions. With me just having started a second base, I am still a good amount of time away from being able to hire newer players to do shipping for me.
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