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Thursday, August 18, 2022
One D&D

 In an extremely nebulous and unspecific announcement on YouTube and Twitch, Wizards of the Coast announced "One D&D". What is One D&D? I'm not sure. It is a mixed bag of an updated fifth edition ruleset combined with digital tools from D&D Beyond, and apparently even a fully 3D animated virtual tabletop software made with the Unreal engine.

There seems to be some physical/digital integration, so ideally if you buy an adventure module, you get a code which allows you to access the content both digitally in PDF format, and as a module in the VTT environment. But of course the lawyers didn't let them promise this so directly. But with me having bought some adventure modules 3 times (once physical, once on D&D Beyond, and once on Roll20), things can only get better.

One D&D won't arrive before 2024, but playtesting of the revised rules starts today on D&D Beyond.

[EDIT: The first "physical & digital bundle" was announced later in the video: Shadow of the Dragon Queen, a 5th edition version of Dragonlance. Annoyingly only the US version can be directly bought on the D&D Beyond website, while for the European version (which is more expensive) you are redirected to a different "Wizards Online Store". If you are European and buy the US version, you'll pay $82.99 shipping, so it's well worth switching and just paying €12.99 on the Euro store. I just hope the digital integration with D&D Beyond still works for the EU version, but I am willing to try it out.]


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