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Sunday, September 18, 2022

When my wife and me play board games just between the two of us, we prefer cooperative adventure games. These games not only have gameplay elements, but also story element. That usually involves reading out a story aloud, and that is a lot easier for just 2 players than for larger groups. However, some games have a lot of story to read. So my favorite board game app is Forteller, which provides professional audio narration for a growing number of games.

With a lot of adventure games on crowdfunding platforms, it has gotten as far as me considering a Forteller narration available as one of the criteria to decide whether I want to back a game or not. I recently backed both Kinfire Chronicles and Forsaken, in part because of the inclusion of Forteller narration in these projects.

That doesn't absolve me of carefully choosing which board games to back on crowdfunding platforms. Bardsung does have Forteller narration, but I disliked the game so much, I sold it two weeks after receiving the game. Lands of Galzyr, although not having Forteller, is currently our favorite game, and we play it frequently. The Lands of Galzyr app has a robotic voice that can read the story to you, but that solution isn't great, so we are reading aloud ourselves.

Another adventure story game we love is Sleeping Gods, which has a bit more gameplay elements than Lands of Galzyr has (Lands of Galzyr is very light on gameplay). But that is currently on hold because next year a Forteller narration for that will come out, which I backed together with the Distant Skies expansion. We are willing to play something else first and wait for the professional narration.


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