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Friday, September 30, 2022
Tainted Grail

Back in 2018 one of the first Kickstarter board games I backed was Tainted Grail. I didn't fully understand how everything in these projects worked back then, and so I didn't pay extra for "two wave shipping", not fully understanding what that was. It turned out that it meant that different parts of the game were produced at different points in time, and instead of getting the core box when it was ready, I got the core box together with the expansion, when the expansion was ready, which was another year later. So I first got Tainted Grail late in 2020.

Now with the expansion and stretch goal boxes, Tainted Grail is a rather big game. And by that time I already had a lot of other games that were easier to table and less intimidating. Also a lot of reviews were out, with people complaining that while many parts of the game were great, the campaign was a bit grindy, forcing you to gather certain resources over and over. So now it's 2022, and I still haven't played Tainted Grail. But now the next crowdfunding campaign for the stand-alone expansion Kings of Ruin came out. And not only does the new came solve a lot of the problems of the original, you can also get an update pack to improve the original game and fix those problems there as well.

As a consequence I now postponed playing Tainted Grail until I get the expansion and update pack to 2.0, which won't be before December 2023. It would feel stupid to play the flawed version 1.0 now, when a better and improved version is coming. But I can't help but feel that there is a hidden conspiracy in this somewhere, trying to forever prevent me from playing the game. :)


What if you end up not liking the game? I would feel wary buying a 2.0 version of a videogame when I bought the 1.0 and never even played it. I know you have disposable income though so maybe it's whatever to you.
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