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Friday, November 04, 2022

Since August I have been playing Warhammer 40K: Tacticus on my iPad. While I am not a big fan of gacha games, Tacticus has an interesting hex-based tactical combat, so it isn't all bad. This week I looked into other games made by the same game developers, Snowprint Studios. And I discovered Rivengard, a previous game of theirs. And when I tried that out, it quickly became obvious that this was pretty much exactly the same game as Tacticus. The same hex-based combat, the same menus, the same events. There are a few minor differences, but basically Warhammer 40K: Tacticus is a reskin of an older game which had just a generic fantasy theme, and wasn't quite that successful.

That got me thinking that there are a couple of games where I do like the gameplay, but am not a huge fan of the theme. So I sure would play a fantasy reskin of XCOM 2. Given the huge number of games that steal many of their ideas from other games, a direct reskin of an older game wouldn't be that bad. Which game would you like to see with the same gameplay, but a different theme?

A Total War style 4X game set during the Rise of Morgoth or maybe during the 2nd Age would be interesting.

A Wasteland 3 style isometric RPG but set in a hard Sci-Fi universe like Mass Effect.

Those are the two ideas that jump out at me.
I tried a game called Solace Crafting. (I do not recommend it.) I was just thinking that it would be much better as a post apocalypse game, even leaving it as sword and sorcery. The world is mostly empty and you have the ability to build villages which have minimal point. Changing the setting could make both of those work much better.
Chaos gate: daemonhunter probably fits the bill for fantasy X-Com. I've only briefly watched it on Twitch so can't speak to whether it is any good
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