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Tuesday, December 06, 2022
Disciples: Liberation

In a comment to a recent post of mine, a reader mentioned Disciples: Liberation as a game that doesn't have the problem that you can't lose units in a battle if you want to be successful in the campaign. So I checked the game out, and found that this is true. If my "level 20 soldier" dies in battle, I can replace him with an identical level 20 soldier at a relatively low cost. So if I win a battle with heavy losses, it is usually worth replacing the lost troops instead of reloading and trying again. Well done!

Having said that, Disciples: Liberation is a bit of a weird game. It tries to do things differently than other, similar games, and not all of those new ideas are actually good. For example the game is currently running in the background while I write this. The reason for that is that you get resources in real time, but only when the game is running. It is a strange design choice somewhere half between a mobile idle game and normal PC games, where you have to do stuff to get resources. There are also a lot of inconsistencies in the UI design, so things rarely work as you think they would. And the text-only soft porn dialogue isn't really my thing. But overall the game is okay.

I wouldn't really recommend Disciples: Liberation at the full $40 price tag on Steam. But if you can get the game for cheaper, it is a decent tactical RPG type of game. The strong point is probably the large number of different troops in the game, which can be both recruited by you, or encountered as enemies. I've had hours of fun, but sadly can't tell you how many hours, because Steam is counting all the hours the game is idling in the background as play time.

I've resisted the temptation to cheat on resources - the fact is that you get plenty anyway except for the purple essence, and I just captured a generator for that.

The 'romance' gets a bit ridiculous - whether it's an undead werewolf or a threesome with vampires and necromancers on a pile of corpses, Avyanna is always ready to go if you click on the heart icon! However, since it is text only and not very explicit, I don't think anyone will really be playing the game for this aspect!

I like the combat - the battles are nice and crunchy, and if you outmatch the enemy you can skip them and still collect most of the rewards - that's good, since they take a while and you don't want to be fighting fake ones.

I could do with less trash loot, and some of the interface could be better matched to mouse and keboard control, but those are minor issues.
I picked it up in the October Humble Choice. There's usually something worth your $12, and Liberation was it this time - then the rest are a bonus.

(November was the first one I skipped in a while - decent games, but too action-oriented.)

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