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Monday, May 08, 2023
Age of Wonder 4 - The Eternal Court

48 hours played of AoW4 now, and finished story realm number 4, The Eternal Court. Only 2.6% of players of AoW4 on Steam have done this, according to the achievements. While the realm was challenging, I do assume the lack of people completing this is because most people play custom realms instead of story realms.

What was interesting about the map was, that is was rather large. So I placed my cities farther away from each other, giving them more room to expand. That worked well insofar I never had that many resources as in this game. The only disadvantage was that moving troops from one city to another took a lot of time, at least until I reached teleporter technology.

I played as Ratticus Rex, another feudal faction, but using the Tome of the Horde. Then I went for a mix of astral and nature tomes, all of which enabled me to summon a lot of units. Basically the strategy was to overrun the enemy with hordes of disposable creatures, and not worry if some of them died. Very helpful for that was the Awaken Instinct spell from the Tome of Nature's Wrath. After I move my troops in contact with the enemy and have all of them attack, I cast Awaken Instinct, which heals my troops, gives them all of their action points back, and afflicts them with Berserk for 2 turns. There usually aren't any enemies left at the end of those 2 turns.

There will probably not be a blog post about story realm 5, Grexolis. From what I can see on the Steam forums, this one is just crazy hard. I'll have a look at it on easy difficulty, but am not sure I'll beat it. Less than 1% of players on Steam did it. And I don't really like missions that you are designed to lose.

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