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Saturday, March 16, 2024
Victoria 3 - No DLC

I finished my most successful run in Victoria 3 ever. I played Belgium for a full century, reaching great power status, the highest GDP per person in the world, the highest living standard, and with pretty much everybody in my lands being happy. And that in spite of playing as a colonialist, with a huge African empire reaching from the Congo to South Africa.

I also controlled Romania, which is actually a point of criticism. The latter part of the tech tree requires oil, and relatively few places in the world have oil. At one point I got so frustrated with that, that I decided to invade Romania, which had tons of possible oil rigs, but didn't build them. It was either that, or accept my GDP growth to stall completely.

Now currently Steam has their Spring Sale ongoing. And thus I considered whether I wanted to buy DLCs or an expansion pass for Victoria 3 at a nice discount. In the end I decided against it: None of the DLCs already released or announced, actually addresses my issues with the game. I can see me playing the game again, for example playing the USA (they do have oil). But not anytime soon, because right now the constant repetition of always the same events and the same economic and political problems, regardless of what country you are playing, would get on my nerves too much. The runs are too long, this last run took me 32 hours. I did have the impression that the patches improved the game compared to my previous 2 runs, but they didn't fix all the problems.

So instead I backed the crowdfunding for Gilded Destiny, in a faint hope that I'll get a similar Victorian Age grand strategy / economic game, with hopefully a bit better game flow. Which was cheaper than the discounted Victoria 3 expansion pass.

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