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Sunday, May 19, 2024
A pox on both of your houses

While I did buy a couple of DLCs together with Crusader Kings 3, I didn't buy the latest one, Legends of the Dead. Legends of the Dead contains one part about legends, and another about plagues, and has "mostly negative" user reviews on Steam. It seems the legends are too short, and the plagues too annoying, and as the latest DLC didn't get a rebate in the current sale, I decided to skip it. What I hadn't fully realized was that the plagues are actually part of the free update patch that came with Legends of the Dead, and the DLC only expands that feature. So, just quarter of a century into a six century campaign, a minor plague, the smallpox, killed my ruler and half of his family. It also totally messed up the development of my lands.

That made me realize that Crusader Kings 3 has one rather annoying feature: Game settings are permanent for a campaign, and can't be changed without restarting. While there is a setting to reduce the annoyingly high frequency of plagues, I can't change that anymore. And as I didn't want to restart, I opted for a mod instead, which reduces the geographical spread of minor plagues. To me it made sense that "minor" plagues shouldn't cover such large areas. And that should reduce the probability of other minor plagues wiping out half of my house again.

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