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Wednesday, May 22, 2024
Overpriced for the purpose

Some years ago I bought a third generation iPad Pro 12.9 inch. I am still using this device every day. With the 7th generation of iPad Pros having been recently announced, I was asking myself whether I needed an upgrade. And then I realized that I had stopped some time ago to play games on my iPad: Between deliberately misleading advertising, gameplay constantly disrupted by advertising or excessive monetization, and thousands of games that are all playing the same, I simply found it impossible to find good games on the iPad. I am using my iPad to watch YouTube and Twitch, or to access my mail or surf the internet. I really don't need a $1500 device for that purpose. I could buy an Android tablet of the same size for a fraction of the price of an iPad Pro, and the performance for the applications I'm using would be the same.

The few games I played on the iPad that actually needed the power were ports of PC games. Which still play better on a PC. Especially the genres of games that I am playing are usually better with either mouse and keyboard, or gamepad, rather than with touch screen.

Do any of you play any good games on an iOS device that you couldn't play on another platform?

I gave up playing games on tablets a good while ago. I think the last one I played regularly was Animal Crossing Pocket Camp during the pandemic. I do still play quite a few mobile games but I play them on the PC using emulators like Bluestacks, Nox or Google Play.

I found that, if I'm not sitting in front of the PC, I don't actually want to play games at all. If I have my tablet in front of me, I'd far rather watch a movie or a TV show or surf YouTube for music, all of which seem a lot more entertaining and suit the tablet much better.
I am surprises how difficult it is to find any good recommendation for Mobile game. Each time I have tried to look for a test or review, the review quality is obviously very low.

There are some good games on mobile/tablet , with good price model ( = no minitransaction, or single transaction to remove ads), but they are very hard to find.

The only thing I found was word of mouth from other sources (blog, online newspaper, PC gaming website, ...).

My last game is 'Magic Research' an 'idle clikcker' with some smart design : it is using its iddle clicker mecanism to create boss puzzle to solve, and there is a story with an end game.
Apple's App Store has always been bad at search, and they've only put effort into crapping it up more with ads and enabling predatory IAP games. I mostly get iOS game recommendations now by browsing Steam or other gaming platforms while looking for computer or Steam Deck games. If I see one that looks like it would benefit from a touch interface I look to see if it's also on iPhone or iPad. Even then it would be more for the former. So I don't end up with much for the iPad at the end of that funnel, and don't use it much.
Several years ago, iOS was the best platform for digital board game adaptations. And board games would fulfill most of your criteria.

But then, thankfully, a lot of digital board games were ported to Android and then to Steam, so nowadays I don't see any gaming appeal in iOS game library.
I have a decent Android tablet but I rarely game on it. The selection of games has improved considerably in recent years but like you I prefer to play on PC. Also the Google Play store is flooded with utter rubbish making it hard to find decent games. The few successes I have had included Slay the Spire and Raj an Ancient Epic. At one point I got very excited about streaming games to the tablet from Xbox Game pass. This works really well but you need strong Internet and you also need a separate controller so in the long run if you want portable gaming I think you are better off with a Switch or a Steam deck.

One big surprise for me is that you can play Rome Total War on a tablet which is one of my favourite games of all time. The port is remarkably good but I couldn't get used to the touch screen controls so I much prefer playing on PC.
I am playing MTGA on my I devices, as well as the board game apps.

Other than that, they are books / YouTube viewers
I commute via public transit....wild rift can be quite fun, same with ,marvel snap...I try to stay away from p2w
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