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Saturday, June 29, 2024
Deep discounts

Steam has, as part of their Summer Sale, a Deep Discount page with major games at 90% and more discount. The games aren't new, but you could call them "modern classics", like The Witcher III, Civilization VI, Disco Elysium, or Frostpunk. The deep discount basically turns the normal "why should I buy this game" into a "why should I not buy this game" consideration. If you don't own The Witcher III and don't want to buy it for $2.99, then you'll never buy it.

There are a bunch of games on that list that I don't own, and which I'm not even buying at 90% discount. I'm not saying that Celeste or Assetto Corsa are bad games, but they are games of genres I don't enjoy. I simply don't like platformers and racing games. Things get a little more complicated with games like Middle-Earth: Shadow of War: I played the predecessor Shadow of Mordor for 31 hours, ultimately didn't really enjoy it all that much, and consequently never finished it. Even at $1.99 I don't need a sequel.

The other half of the games on the list I do own. And for many of those, I can only recommend them at that price. I played over 100 hours of Borderlands 2, and that is without me actually being good at shooters. Even with me recently posting what I don't like about The Witcher III, I would still argue that if you like action RPGs, you should try it out at this price.

Where the deep discount list gets a bit embarrassing is the Steam pile of shame: Games that I do own, like Disco Elysium or Frostpunk, and where I do believe that they are good games, but I just never got around to playing them. Why did I buy these games, usually at an "interesting" discount like half price, if now they are 90% off and I still haven't played them? Some would argue that I am a victim of Steam manipulative sales tactics, but more realistically I simply lack self-control.

In the end I didn't buy a single game on the deep discount page (although I did buy Bomber Crew for $1.99 at 90% off). I basically already owned all the games on the page that I have any chance of ever playing. The games I don't own, I don't own for a good reason. If I was less set in my ways, I could buy a game of a genre that I never tried, like Euro Truck Simulator 2. But given how many games I have where I am more certain that I will enjoy them, and still can't get around to playing them, that is maybe not such a good idea.

I am the same, I probably have them all already at big discounts from Gog or from Humble Choice (I subscribe to Humble Choice, and usually there are a couple that are worth the cost to me and six more that don't interest me, but are often well-respected titles.)

P.S. While not on the featured deep discount page, I discovered that the DLCs for Civilization VI were also heavily discounted. So I bought the two "main" DLCs Gathering Storm and Rise & Fall together for $10 instead of the regular $70 price tag. Anybody else noticed how for many DLCs a good number of the negative reviews are basically saying "it's okay, but too expensive for what it does"? I figured that a $40 DLC with mixed Steam reviews is probably okay for $5.
I use the big sale discounts on Steam to prune my wishlist. If I won't buy it at this steeply reduced price, I'm never going to buy it, so the game gets removed. I don't necessarily buy everything else, because I only buy games when I have the extra money and feel like playing that game in the near future, but the big sales do help with removing stuff I won't be buying.
You really should play Disco Elisium. It is not a stretegy and has (almost) no turn-based tactical combat, but judging from what I've seen so far in your blog, you'll have immense fun playing it.
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