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Wednesday, July 16, 2003
The Beginning

Do massive multiplayer online role playing games ( MMORPG ) interest you? If not, you're at the wrong place. :)

Playing computer games is my biggest hobby. And since a couple of years, MMORPGs occupy a large portion of my playing time. So they will occupy a large portion of my blogs as well. I write a lot on the forum of whatever game I'm currently playing, but forums are not a good place to keep your thoughts and find them back later. So I thought I'd store my thoughts on different games here, and if somebody passes by and is interested, he is welcome to read my opinions on different games.

At the time I am writing this, I'm about to quit A Tale in the Desert. Not that ATITD is a bad game. But I played it for two months now, had a lot of fun, but am now growing bored of it. That happened to me a LOT. I played a great many MMORPGs for different amounts of time between one month and two years, then got bored, and switched to the next game. Next game I will start (and then stop in a couple of months) will be Star Wars Galaxies ( SWG ).

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