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Thursday, June 10, 2004
Interesting read

A weblog, even with page view statistics and the ability to comment, is much more a monologue than a dialogue. It fulfills the authors need to express himself, but doesn't do much for the equally important need to exchange thoughts. So I am quite happy to have found somebody elses MMORPG weblog. Okay, two monologues don't make a dialogue, but it is interesting to read what somebody else writes about similar issues.

You can find weasels MMORPG weblog at His blog is nearly exclusively about MMORPG game concepts, like "loot" or "content", so you can compare his opinions about these things with mine. He doesn't do MMORPG reviews. His essays are well-written and intelligent, although I not always agree with his opinion. But we seem to have had the same ideas at some occasions, like "tradeskills should be some sort of mini-game" (damn, he posted that one before me, I must be getting old).
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