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Monday, September 26, 2005
Taking quests to the next level

My article on how quests could be further improved has been published on Gamergod.

I'm still on a wait-and-see approach to Gamergod. I like it less than the old, and the layout is pot ugly, with far too little space for text, and far too much space taken up by banner ads. But they are undergoing a complete revamp in October, and often have some quite interesting articles and interviews. So I keep contributing to their content, although their huge gap between ambition and deliverance scares me a bit. Would be great if more people started discussing games on the forums there, I'm missing a lively discussion board since the demise of
I had just found GO when it shut down...

And the level of dedication that Grimwell shows towars GG makes me wonder why GO was shut down.

But yes GG is pot ugly to look at and I am not sure if that will change much.

It is interesting though... it has brought my articles to /. which I guess got my foot in the door because now I've been on /. 3 times in 3 weeks... which to say the least is amazing.

Hate to say much here because I feel like I'm going behind their back, but I've let me opinion be known to GG and their banner heavy layout.
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