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Friday, October 21, 2005
Kill Ten Rats

Just a link to a nice MMORPG blog, Kill Ten Rats. Most blogs have a sidebar with links to other blogs, and I feel a bit impolite of not returning the favor and linking to the blogs that link to me. But the internet being such a transient place, a link page or sidebar requires constant maintenance and checking if the places you linked to are still alive. And I'm simply too lazy for that, sorry. :)
Hey, thanks for the link. I don't link to a site with any expectations of a return link. I just link to sites I like to read, that's all - makes it easier for me to browse. It does get extensive as you can tell from my links, but I do generally read all those sites at lunchtime daily. Enjoy the site and congrats on the new URL!
We still love you Tobold!
Now, if you don't mind, I need to go maintain my sidebar...heh.

-The Prognosicator (
I got Tobold on my sidebar along with kill 10 rats... well because like Ethic stated... it makes browsing easy.

That is essentially where blogrolls developed from.
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