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Sunday, January 08, 2006
WoW Journal - 8-Jan-2006

I noticed I haven't written any WoW journal entries lately, although I mentioned what I was doing sometimes. I'm still playing World of Warcraft, nearly exclusively, but with less determination. I switch between characters often, and spend a lot of time with other things than just leveling.

Waldin, my night elf hunter on Bronzebeard, is level 29 now, and is finishing the last quests in Ashenvale. The early 30s levels I'll probably do in Hillsbrad, but then comes the dreaded late 30s / early 40s hole, where most quests in the game are in Stranglethorn Vale. I've done those so often, again just recently with my priest, that I really don't want to go there any more. The alternative, Desolace, I also already know inside out. Having only one character beyond level 42, there are still lots of quests I can do after this. But in that level range I feel I've exhausted the content that WoW has to offer.

Going onto a new server with Waldin was a good idea. Much easier to find groups when everybody else is of the same level. Although hunters are a bit too popular and too numerous, next time I'll try a mage or paladin.

Kyroc, my level 42 undead priest on Runetotem, is often soloing, because finding a group there is hard. But I did got to Scarlet Monastery with a guild group of 4, and got a nice staff from Doan in the library. Still need to do the armory and cathedral. Kyroc is now at 300 tailoring skill, and can make Mooncloth bags. Unfortunately creating 2 mooncloth for one bag takes 8 days, don't know if it was a good idea to buy that recipe for 25 gold, although it seemed cheap at that time.

My main, Raslebol the level 60 warrior on Runetotem, is still semi-retired. But I did Blackrock Depths with a guild group, and finally managed to get to the emperor at the very end of the place, and finish my last BRD quest. Otherwise I'm still mostly traveling around gathering herbs, or crafting components. I don't want to do too many quests with him, as I prefer to do them when the level cap is raised. So I just do quests where I can use the reward. My guild has grown a lot lately, so finding guild groups and going to dungeons is again a possibility. Just two problems: Most people prefer raids, and we have too many warriors in the guild. That's why I'm still interested to level Kyroc.
On Argent Dawn, Traveler's Packs (16-slot drops) go for 7-12g each. Mooncloth goes for 9-11g per piece and Felcloth goes for 1.5-3g per piece. Hence, it's more cost efficient, on Argent Dawn, to buy Traveler's Packs instead of making Mooncloth ones. It's also better to buy 2 pieces of Felcloth, convert it to Mooncloth, and sell the Mooncloth to make a profit. I once met a Warrior who'd taken Tailoring exclusively to do this and make a profit. Funny thing is that the AH isn't flooded with Mooncloth and the price per piece has stayed pretty static at 9-11g per piece. I recently, and easily (quickly), sold 4 pcs of Mooncloth for 9g each, telling me I may have posted them a hair too low.

And I have to say, I hate the STV leveling too. Done it twice, absolutely loathe it. Though I've generally found with my 2nd 60 that playing around my blue exp, i.e. only when I have some to use, makes it go *a lot* faster.

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