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Saturday, February 04, 2006
RF Online

I downloaded the RF Online beta from Fileplanet, and created a character there. There are three factions, one being a kind of robots, one race of mages, and some more human looking guys. Between the three races there is PvP, which I never experienced. That's because I didn't play the game very long before I got bored. :)

I didn't even play enough to write anything resembling a review. The game reminded me too much of the boring Asian mass-killing games like ROSE Online, right down to the badly translated English texts with Asian grammar. I have so much to do in World of Warcraft, I felt I was wasting my time even trying this.
Hi what race do you play in RF Online as of the moment. If you encounter very high-dodge people. Read my site RF Online Strat on how to counter high-dodge people. I'll be writing about beating Bmaus too. Please leave a comment there. Thanks.

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