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Wednesday, February 01, 2006
WoW Journal - 1-February-2006

I'm on track for leveling my priest, Kyroc is now level 48, after spending the evening in a group in the Hinterlands, fighting in the troll temple of Jintha'Alor. We made it up to the altar, but couldn't finish the cave behind it. But at least I got the mallet for summoning Gahz'rilla in Zul'farrak finished, and can return there. Trolls have some of the best architecture in World of Warcraft, with some really good looking places. And at my level there are several quest series interwoven in the troll areas, from Hinterlands to Zul'farrak to the Sunken Temple, very interesting.

While I have been soloing with Kyroc most of the time up to now, I am slowly getting into a level range where finding a group is easier. And of course priests have an easy time to get into a group, if there is one. Fortunately I do like healing as much as I like tanking. I don't mind having to stand in the second row, often spending the start of combat still sitting and drinking some conjured water to replenish mana. And I'm reasonably good at it, having already played healers in more group-oriented games like Everquest and Final Fantasy XI. I much prefer healing in a group to the repetitive mindblast-shield-wand soloing mode.

I'd still say that tanks and healers are my favorite archetypes, but a part of that is certainly a consequence of my love of groups. Tanks and healers generally have an easier time getting into a group, especially specialized healers. In World of Warcraft, which has a strong soloing component, I learned to appreciate other archetypes, especially the pet classes, which I had previously not been very fond of. One day I hope to get around to playing a mage, maybe a blood elf when the expansion comes out.

Raslebol I only played very little since the weekend. Helped a guild group out in the Plaguelands to kill the Crimson Courier, but that was my only group. I did kind of solo LBRS, using 3 invisibility potions to get to the quest giver for the UBRS key, to hand in the gems I found during the weekend. Turns out the quest isn't finished, I still need to gather a group to subdue a dragonkin in the Duskwallow Marsh, and use his flame to forge the key. That promises to be interesting. Having some more UBRS keys in the guild can only help.
Hello Tobold,

its great to have more Keys to UBRS.

You can combine the "forging" of the Key together with the "Dragon killing Quests for Onyxia. The NPC you have to talk to is the same you have to "obsess" to make your UBRS Key.

You can first go in as a Dragon in disguise to get the Quest to kill the other Dragons and then drop your Diguise and fight him.

I like both Quest Chains as they involve a real story. I would love to see more of that in the endgame.

My main is 52 WAR , and I still roll around The Hinterlands a bit... that zone is one of my fav's ... Jintha'Alor is insane....and I STILL have Gahz'Rilla to complete.... for some reason, I'm fixated on that carrot-on-a-stick ,,, does the 3% make a real difference?
I got the carrot-on-a-stick, and beyond the one laugh you get out of it, its pretty useless. You are not even 3% faster, because the 3% are just additive. If running you move with 100% speed, with a normal mount you move at 140% speed, and with the carrot that increases to 143%. Epic mount, at 200% speed makes a difference, but the carrot doesn't.
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