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Thursday, June 01, 2006
WoW Journal - 1-June-2006

I'm working on getting my fire resistance up on my priest. With my new guild slowly but surely approaching Ragnaros and Onyxia, that will be necessary. Last night I did the "When Smokey sings, I get violent" quest. The annoying part is that you first need to do another quest from Smokey, handing him a bunch of smithed and engineered goods, which aren't exactly cheap. The good part was that as priest I could easily solo the quest to blow up the Scourge structures in the plaguewood around Stratholme. The structures are each guarded by a level 58 elite mob, which makes the quest hard to solo for many classes, but as the mob is undead, I could simply shackle him, walk past him, place my bomb, and run away.

So now I have Flarecore Gloves, the Onyxia key amulet, Smokey's Drape with a self-made +7 fire resistance enchantment, plus the +8 to all resistances from wearing two tier 0.5 items, for a total of 65 fire resistance. I still need some more stuff. A Royal Seal of Eldre'Thalas would be nice, but I can't find a reasonably priced book to start that quest in the auction house, people demand 100 to 150 gold for it, while the book for my warrior was a fraction of that price. I'm on the Hydraxian Waterlords quest, so in two weekends I should get the Tidal Loop with +15 fire resistance. Unfortunately EVERYBODY is looking for fire resistance, so fiery or lava cores from MC to tailor more Flarecore items, or rings that give fire resistance are terribly expensive. And if you go to a dungeon where a boss drops some nice fire resistance item, like the cloak from the emberseer in UBRS, everybody in the raid presses the need button, and my chances to get it are low. I can cast the +15 fire resistance enchantment instead of just the +7 one, but at a cost of 3 nexus crystals even than enchantment is overly expensive.

I should at least get to a fire resistance of 100, which would prevent about 25% of the fire damage I take. A main tank might want to have a fire resistance of 300 or above, which gives a maximum protection of 75% fire damage reduction.
Screw the Emberseer cloak, there is a nice +12 FR cloak in BRD with good stats (Stamina and Spirit) and drops nearly every kill off the boss (the demon dude who spawns the tiny fire elementals when you engage him).
I think the above poster is referring to the Salamander's Cape off Ambassador Flamelash.

A MT wants 315 FR for tanking Ragnaros. I think 275-315 is good for Onyxia (not positive).
Also in BRD: incendius who always drops a +10 FR bracer of some kind. Get 5 people who need it, and just farm until it drops for you. Doesn't take long if you are all 60 and can go around the arena then drop down from the barracks.

UBRS has the Dragonrider Boots +15FR off Rend.
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