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Tuesday, June 06, 2006
WoW Journal - 6-June-2006

I had an interesting problem last night in WoW: I had bought a "Holy Bologna: What the Light won't tell you" book from the auction house for my priest, to be handed in for the Royal Seal of Eldre'Thalas in the library of Dire Maul. (Man, these books have gone up in price, Blizzard must have fixed the DM teleport exploit) I know how to get to the library solo and without aggroing anything from DM north, but my priest doesn't have the key. My warrior does have the key, but I can't group with myself.

Or can I? In the end I worked it out. I logged on a character from my wife's account and made a group with my warrior. Warrior goes to DM North and unlocks the door, my wife's char goes to DM north and stands behind the door, now being able to open it with the lever disguised as a torch from inside. Warrior enters the DM north instance and unlocks the door to the library. Log off the warrior, log on the priest, and have my wife's character invite the priest to the group. So because this is technically still the same group, the instance doesn't reset. Priest goes to DM north, wife's char opens outer door from inside, priest enters the instance, library door is still unlocked, and I reach the library without problems.

I'm not usually a fan of "two-boxing", playing on two computers. But in this case I found it was an elegant solution to the "how to get to the library without a key solo" problem.
I used to help a friend who had mage and priest toons. He would group with me and one other guildie, he would open a portal with his mage, log off, log in with his priest, get an invite, and use the portal with his priest. Not sure if this works anymore, but it should.
next time, run in DM east (naked...saves you repair bills), back as ghost....and enter DM north
Simple :) no key needed
Except you still need the key to open the library so that won't work.
Yeah, that's the problem, there are two doors to unlock: one before the instance portal, which you can pass as ghost. The other inside DM North, at the bottom of two ramps, leading to the library. As you can't move as a ghost through instances, for that door you need another plan.
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