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Wednesday, July 12, 2006
Video Game Generation on 45 minutes Strat run

Both of my level 60 characters are stuck on the 45-minutes Strat run part of the tier 0.5 upgrade quest. The people I play with, and who would probably be able to do that run in 45 minutes, have better things to do with their time, as the reward isn't worth it. And the people I could get into a pickup group are unable to finish the run in 45 minutes. And it seems I'm not the only one with that problem. Well-written rant on Video Game Generation on the 45 minutes Strat run.

Well, I just stopped caring. I recently calculated what epics "cost" me nowadays. When I do a typical raiding weekend, MC in two days, plus Onyxia, I spend a total of a bit over 50 gold for repairs, major mana potions, greater fire protection potions etc. (counting the potions at market value, even if I make them myself). And as that nets us about 20 epics for 40 people, on average I get one epic every second weekend. Which means that each tier 1 epic costs me just 100 gold. That is incredibly cheap compared to the price of epics on the AH. And it is also very cheap compared to gold cost of the tier 0.5 upgrade quest. And a MC run, even with the occasional bad wipe, is still a lot less frustrating than trying Strat in 45 minutes with a pickup group. I would even argue that a MC run is a lot easier than a Strat 45 minutes run.

So while I agree with the Video Game Generation rant on how we were promised content for the casual gamer and instead received a quest series which can only be finished by somebody in a good raiding guild, I just gave up on it. The dungeon set 2, or tier 0.5 armor upgrade quest series is just a waste of time.
I would even argue that a MC run is a lot easier than a Strat 45 minutes run.

You would argue that because you began raiding with your guild fairly far into MC. Imagine zoning in to MC with no MC experience whatsoever (all 40 of you). Imagine not reading online strats, and working out every boss strategy on your own. MC is easy now, thanks to repetition and gear improvement.

I'll agree that the .5 epics are kind of a kick in the teeth, but they were only put in to try and placate those who complained about how difficult it was to get epics. Something which you've obviously discovered isn't exactly true.
First time making a practice run at the Baron=53 minutes, looting on the move. Not epic-geared but we use Ventrilo and knew what we were going to do ahead of time. Shadow resist pots are immensely helpful. I disagree on your interpretation of whether the series for the tier .5 stuff is worth it. For those of you that have no life and can devote 15-20 hours of your time week-in and out and raid in 40-man instances(about 30% of the WoW population) it would appear to be so. For the majority of people it is the best way. Your elitism is showing!
Check out this visual guide. I haven't finished the quest yet, but plan to.
Jerry, many raiding guilds (my own included) invites people along for "unofficial" raid nights. ZG, AQ20, MC usually. The raid might be half guild and half non guild and all loot is rolled randomly amongst those who are interested in it. Many of the non guild members will leave throughout the night, freeing up spots for other folks. So raid level epics are far from difficult to get right now, and require no true time commitment at all.
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