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Wednesday, November 29, 2006
Patch date announced

The next World of Warcraft content patch, called "Before the Storm", otherwise known as WoW v2.0, has been announced for next week. The US servers will get the patch on December 5th, the Europeans on December 6th.

If you still PvP this week, and manage to gain another rank, you will get this new rank in your display options. But you won't get the opportunity to buy PvP rewards based on the new rank, because directly after the ranks are updated, the rank system is discarded. Quote: "For those who have been seeking high-rank PvP armor and weapons, note that the new Honor System will still include these item rewards, and it will actually be easier to earn these items under the new Honor System than under the old Honor System. Those who wish to see how their PvP abilities measure up against other players will still be able to do so under the new Arena System."

Well, if you start from zero, the same rewards are easier to earn. But if this week you go from rank 10 to 11, instead of just buying an epic mount for very little gold, you will have to hand in 90 battleground victory marks to get it. Whatever the marketing talk, it is hard to disguise that the patch erases a lot of previous effort.
Whatever the marketing talk, it is hard to disguise that the patch erases a lot of previous effort.

And it introduces a lot of new ones too. I know it´s hard to compare but in the current system you need one sick grind to rank 14 and cash in any item you want. We all know that the grind to achieve this is unbearable for most players.

The new system howewer may seem easier, but it takes more effective playtime to get the same results as within the old system. The honor points soon will be come in with a rate of about 1/10 of the current amounts. So when i do 100k a week now, i will do about 10k a week then. Now let's take a look at the new reward prizes and i see huge numbers of battleground games - and in case of losing alliance side even more - for just one single item reward.

So when i want to get a full epiced out rank 14 set (and as a paladin i want caster and melee stuff) i see more grinding hours than in the current system. The only good thing is, that the game does not take away progress and that you do not play against your own people within the ranks. The grind looks more fair, but it still is huge.

With BC greens soon being better item than the current pvp rewards i do not see many people taking this progress route when BC launched.
I see people leveling a character with an eye on saving honor and marks for the eventual ding to 60 and an instant epics. For someone like me, 60 rogue still wearing blue/greens) the idea of having epic daggers (without the raid bs or gold for AH) is a tempting carrot indeed!
This post (or versions of it) is circulating like wildfire on the blogs.
Any comment on the reliability of the source?
Well, the source is a "blue name" on the official World of Warcraft forums. I just don't link directly to the forums, because the forums aren't archived, and links to it soon point to nowhere.

So the source is pretty much reliable. But as the source is saying they are *trying* to do the patch next week, I wouldn't bet large sums of money on it.
I also tracked down the source as a Blizz-tagged poster on the Blizzard site, and would guess that at this point it's about as reliable as we could hope to get (caveats noted).

But that's good with me either way, because December 5 has been my personal 'drop dead date' for reaching my rank goal. I plan on pre-buying the rank reward gear, and then when ranks are updated I should become eligible to equip it.
That's the plan, anyway...
The logon screen now has an announcement about the patch coming Tuesday.
I guess this is it...
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