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Saturday, November 25, 2006
Your worst World of Warcraft decision?

When playing World of Warcraft you have to take a lot of decisions: What server to play on, what character class, what talent build, what guild to join, and many more. And while we'd like to think of ourselves as perfect, given a large enough number of decisions to take, we are sure to get some of them wrong. So to get some discussion going for this weekend, I'd like you to tell your worst World of Warcraft decision. Did you chose a PvP server and hated being ganked? Did you join a guild where you didn't fit in?

My worst World of Warcraft decision was leveling a second priest to 60. Playing the other faction was fun, and chosing a character class that gets easily invited to groups had a certain logic. But of course I should have taken some other popular class, like a druid or mage. Ending up with two level 60 priests was just plain dumb, at level 60 they play too much alike, whether they are Horde or Alliance. The idea of having several level 60s is to have a choice of playing something different, having the choice between two priests wasn't very clever.
My worst mistake was the way i played the game from the beginning, i start pretty much straight after release in australia, and kept starting charc, getting them to 30 - 50 then start another charc or start on another server.

So after a year of playing i had 6 charc above 40, and none above 50, across 4 different realms.....

Then i finally got one to 60 ( a hunter which was a mistake, soo hard to get group's as a 60 hunter ) b4 leveling up a 60 priest and mage, which i actually enjoy playing 60 raid content on finnally.... and all on the same server !!!

better late than never!!!
You already mentioned what ranks up there as my worst decision. I wish my first character I leveled to 60 had been on a RP or Normal server.

When I chose my first realm, I honestly did put some thought into it. I didn't know what pvp REALLY meant, but I wanted the option to take part in it - or so I thought.

Life in Azeroth was fun...until STV. That's where I was schooled on what pvp meant in the world of warcraft. I never met up with anyone my level, getting ganked by skulls was the norm. I tried to log on at different times of the evening to finish certain quests and some players would always be around to kill you - not to mention a corpse run in STV is one of the worst in the game.

I had found a decent guild by that point and didn't really want to leave. But the gank-a-thon that was my remaining levels to 60 soured me on pvp servers. I wanted to take part in pvp, but on a more consensual basis. Little did I know, rolling on a pvp server meant pvp was consensual 24-7!

For all the people who said if you don't want to get ganked or to gank why did you roll a pvp realm? Well I know better now. When they finally opened up transfers, I moved to carebear land where I've lived happily ever after.
Worst decision (one I regret the most) would have be getting my Dwarven Hunter to Exalted with Ironforge by turning in all that Runecloth. I should have got him Exalted with Darnassus instead :P
Giving the white servers a chance at all. Why I did this, no idea. I am as hostile to the carebear lifestyle as anyone you'll ever encounter.

I spent three months playing frequently with minimal progress, made no friends - worse, made no enemies - and never heard of a single memorable thing happening. I felt like a drone trapped in a duplicate. To me the game was an amusement park. I was miserable and bored and didn't really understand why.

The really miserable thing is I stuck with it so long because I dreaded repeating content that had been so tiresome to begin with. Once I made the decision, I shielded myself against that by switching sides and choosing a race, class, and set of professions with which I'd had no experience.

But what made me love my new realm, and finally the game itself, is not knowing what will happen next. Always being in danger. Not just the fight and the gank but the standoff and the shaky peace. That no one in the thousand realms was doing what my guild last night, and that not only will our victims remember what happened - on this server, some of them will have the presence of mind to look back on it fondly!
mine would have to been leveling a warrior to 60. i emjoyed every minute of levelign it but instantly as a lvl 60 i found a warrior boring and wished i'd done a mage or rogue. now i'm busy with a human mage XD.

or so that was till capn john kindly gave me his beta code. what a legend.
Participating in Barrens chat. I think certain lobes in my brain shut down permanently.
Good one alex >.>

Yeah the worst decision i've made is probably getting into the game at all

I'm regretting it so much after getting my life back and wondering what the hell had I been doing for the last 2 years

but on top of that...

the worst decision for me was joining a decaying guild and receiving their only thunderfury. I only wanted to raid and progress, but baring this thunderfury, I bared the burden of tanking and paying back for what they have given me, so metaphorically I drowned with the sinking ship, wasting almost 3~4 months with NO progress. *sigh*
Yeah, I'd have to go with gaerth. I played the game for 18 months before quitting, and don't get me wrong, I had fun. The problem was that during that period I did almost nothing productive with my life.

My worst in-game decision would be rolling a druid, and sticking with it even though I'd realised I didn't want to be a heal bot.
Without question trying to keep playing the game after 60. I played the damn game for 3 months AFTER I stopped having fun, which was just silly on my part.
Ah, a chance to vent... :P

I'll chime in with agreement:
I probably should not have picked up WoW at all. I knew better. But it has been fun, overall.

Other than that, my problems have mainly been, as Han Solo would say, "Not my fault".

Fortunately, the problems were not as big as they seemed at the time. I chose my server (PvE) and faction because of factors that later proved 'undependable' (I'll just leave it at that). But that was really another case of 'should've known' and I'm past that now (it was primarily 'guild drama'). I've been playing WoW (too much) since May this year -- I hit 60 with my warrior undead main on Thanksgiving Day (w00t). I have a good circle of people to play with, and have had really good luck with PUGs (except in SM -- only there, but several times(!) -- don't know what was up with that). I discovered PvP in the battlegrounds and found that PvP action is much to my liking. I enjoy the warrior class and tanking. I also enjoy my 43 feral druid dps machine, and have a 21 shadow priest (fun) and 20 shaman (rather boring to play, so far, to me). All four of them are on the same server and of the Horde faction. I also have three Alliance characters started on other servers, with the hope of playing with friends over there, but time just didn't permit and they're all dead in the water at less than level 10.

Once the PvP honor wipe happens, I'm thinking that my future in WoW holds less playtime per week. Hopefully.

Overall, I can't complain...
I've made so many

I started out on a PvE realm and lvl'ed a shammy up to 58 when I made mistake #1. I let my gaming friend, of 6+ years, talk me into throwing away 5 or 6 months trying EQ2. I really feel Sony owes me those months back...

Then mistake #2. Our old buddies from EQ1 were running a guild on a PvP realm so we joined them. We had never played a game on a PvP server and wanted to try it. Turns out that we both don't like it very much....but our friends are there and we are "time invested" at this point. Mistake #2.5 - It's Alliance side and I enjoy the evil side of video games more (I played an Iksar in EQ).

Mistake #3. I leveled a Priest due to "guild needs" and let my Rogue sit unplayed for a year.

Mistake #4. Our old EQ1 friends really never were the most dependable people in game. They are very nice and fun to hang out with, however, they have very sporadic play time. It's nearly impossible to make any plans with them as they won't show up 95% of the time and will be 2 or 3 hours late 100% of the time. Excuses range from "we were watching a movie" to "my dog got eaten by the wood chipper". They also enjoy getting drunk while playing which leads to anything from falling asleep at the keyboard to just VERY poor game play. We stayed guilded with them for a year with me eventually becoming an officer and pretty much leading the guild. We made it into MC where I found that my raid leadership skills and patience had reached it's limits. We found a great raid leader who took over and took us as far as Garr before he and a LOT of the other officers got tired of the antics the old EQ1 crew were pulling. The guild split in half. My friend and I decided not to chose sides. My friend quit the game and I moved to a guild we had had an alliance with before the split.

Mistake 4.5. Not standing up to my old EQ1 friends when they chose to allow a couple of Chinese farmers into the guild. They spoke almost no English and would constantly wipe our MC raids due to not being able to follow instructions. This went on until they were banned for using Glider programs.

If I had it to do all over again, I'd have stayed on the PvE server and leveled my Shammy to 60. The guild we were in merged with another guild shortly after we left for EQ2 and from what I hear, they are doing AQ40 and Naxx.
One mistake that has plagued me is around class selection. Our family made up a set of characters solely to play together. The three we chose? Rogue, Hunter, Warlock. Yup, no healing, no tanking other than pets. (Ah, we were young and short-sighted then.) When we play this team, we don't particularly like grouping with others as we just want to do our own thing. So we really gimped ourselves.

Fortunately the character transfer feature has allowed a partial clean-up of other mistakes revolving around scattering characters across servers. The synergy you get from being able to share across characters (leveraging skills, sharing loot) is really significant. Lone characters have a tough row to hoe.

Another mistake I am regretting is mostly ignoring certain factions (like, say Thorium Brotherhood) while leveling to 60. Belatedly I realize I want the enchants they offer, but the rep I can get from them at 60 is a small fraction of what it would have been if I did their quests at 50 or so. I don't know if I can make it up, as I'm not a grinder at heart...
My biggest mistake was server choice. Well, not so much server choice as aquiescing to someone else's server choice. I started on Blackhand with the Gamers with Jobs crew. I convinced one of my friends to try WoW, and he convinced his brother, but his brother started on Eonar and wanted us to join him there. Instead of insisting they join me on Blackhand I gave up my level 15 druid and started over on Eonar with no guild support, just a few friends.

I live on the west coast -- it turns out Eonar is an east coast server. Every guild I've ever learned anything about starts their raids when I'm still at work. My friend's brother doesn't really play anymore and my friend leveled to 60 on a pvp server with his coworkers while I was taking a "break" so I have no real social network in the game.

I'd transfer servers but . . . to where? I don't have the time or energy to level a new 60 on my friend's pvp server.

BC should help a lot, since large groups of people won't be needed for anything for a long time, and interest in the 5 man dungeons will be high.
Getting my main to level 60, raiding a bit - ZG, AQ20, MC. Due to RLI stripping the char from nice gear, weapons, selling all and sending gold to guild (last bit I don't mind), quitting WoW for few months and then hearing how nice TBC will be. Gr8, got a naked toon ready for Outland :)
Choosing a server at random rather than going to play with friends inintially. After leveling up 3 60's, I switched to another server (and of course faction as well) and leveled up the next two chars.

The first 60 was work, next two were out of boredom. Last two have been for fun with friends.
Starting a paladin, and playing it up untill lvl 70!

THE most useless class ever! We're not good at anything AT ALL!! The most crappy healing abilities ever, the most crappy tanking abilities ever, and dont getting me started on the non-existent DPS!
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