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Wednesday, March 28, 2007
Doesn't get more mainstream than that

One of the oldest and most established newspapers of the world, The Times (UK), will have a free trial version of World of Warcraft on CD, plus an 8-page booklet on how to play, in its next weekend edition. They already posted an article on "My life as a bearded dwarf", written by a non-gamer. Quote: "Personally, I’ve never created a character to play a game with before — hey, I have to do that in front of the wardrobe every morning for real, and I think all the ladies will know what I’m saying here." Very interesting read.

Anyway, there goes my geek street cred. Playing World of Warcraft is now so un-geek and mainstream as anything. Even The Times does it.
Blizz should trap all the newbs on a hardcore RP server.. nerd them out real good.
The Times isn't the odlest newspaper in the world, hell it isn't even the oldest newpaper in England ;)
Ah my regular rag...have to buy just for the article.
I said "one of the oldest", not "the oldest". The Times has been founded in 1785, which would be considered old and established anywhere.
I thought it amusing that the writer wanted to be able to choose Prostitution as a profession to raise money. We had a young lady in our Guild who played a female NElf Druid and she'd make a fortune in IF just by dancing on the table tops in the Inn. I kid you not. She'd get the Gold from paying customers then dance for a short period of time, then stop, and if the voyeurs wanted more they had to pay more.
Do I smell April Fool's Day coming?
The journo involved, Caitlin Moran, was talking about her WoW experience today on "The Richard and Judy Show" !

Now it doesn't get more mainstream than THAT !

They showed the trailer, and some "live" stuff of her dwarf in deeprun tram. And wandering about SW, and visiting the cheeseshop.
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