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Thursday, March 01, 2007
GemList, a great addon for jewelcrafters

If you are a jewelcrafter in World of Warcraft, and your friends and guild mates know that, you sooner or later get tells asking you things like "Hey, what red gems can you make" or "Can you do anything that gives a bonus to healing?". At which point you're forced to look through the not very practical jewelcrafting interface for the gems in question and send the answer back as a /tell. Unless you install the wonderful addon GemList written by mikezter, which does exactly those replies for you.

You just need to educate your friends to send you the requests in the form of "!gem red" or "!gem healing", and the addon will send them a list of the red gems or the healing gems you can make automatically. In the default setup the jewelcrafter doesn't even see the incoming and outgoing tells from the addon, although I changed the options on mine to show at least the incoming tells. Very, very useful.
Pefect. i'm always getting tells from guildies asking exactly those questions. i'm not bothered about sending replies, however the jewelcrafting interface really isn't helpful. blizz could do with adding a simple search funtion to it.
many thanks for linking the addon
There's a version for Enchanters as well. I always tell someone to reply with !enchant yadda after a certain point. It's nice.
Thanks, Tobold! I have the same problem, being the only 375 JC in my guild.
As a gem buyer, I know one of the two major Horde-side jewelcrafters on my server uses this, and it works fantastic. It's not even hard to use (as a requestor).
Hey nice someone even blogged about this! Although I found that a good 2 years later ^^
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