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Tuesday, May 08, 2007
Go to DMOsbon for LotRO music

I have a tin ear. I can't play any instrument, and when I sing the milk turns sour. That's why I play a minstrel in LotRO, because when *he* sings, wolves drop dead. :) But a lot of other people are a lot more musical than me. And Lord of the Rings Online gives them the opportunity to prove it, with the /music command. If you have the appropriate character skill, which all classes get at level 5, only the guardian needs to wait to level 10, and you equip an instrument, you can turn music mode on by typing the /music command. Then you can play notes on your instrument, for everybody around you to hear. And that's all I know about the subject. I tried it, the harp I equipped turned out to have the graphics of a flute, and I still can't hold a tune. So if you want more information, check out the info on DMOsbon's blog.

Oh, and you might want to invest in a programmable keyboard or something, because there isn't any way to record a tune and play it back yet, only live performances in this game right now. Rumor has it the next content patch will improve that.
I really liked this feature, but the lag made it a little shifty.
With the latest US patch (which Europe might not have yet) Guardians too get instrument use at level 5.
A similar thing was suggested in SWG (which has (had?) an Entertainer class) but was deemed "unviable due to possible copyright infringement possibilities."

Glad to hear that Turbine wants to try to up the ante - talk about "Player created content!"
WoW Update: They upped the ILevel on all tier 4/5/6 and Kara items by 15 on PTR.

Big drama ensues for status of current BG and Areana rewards.
I've always been a critic of those who want to force their style of play on others, but this issue is a bit different.

I think macroing will simply turn this extremely cool feature into just another glorified emote.

Turbine should take every measure possible to ensure that macroing music is only limited to a few simple tunes.

Players who are performing live should be noted for their accomplishment, or the feature will lose the very thing that makes it both unique and cool.
Personally, I think that the functionality they're adding with being able to play recorded songs is kinda disappointing... at least for me - being rather music-obsessed helps a bit. I really hope they make an obvious distinction between macroed tunes copied from another person and tunes you play live yourself. :P

What I'm really looking forward to is the ability to play every note in a 3-octave range, as opposed to one full octave and a major scale above it. And sustaining longer notes. And better quality samples. And the option to turn off latency for the music you play.

Did I mention I love music?
It's surprising to me, almost shocking, that Turbine would ruin the charm of live performances by allowing macros.
How long until someone comes up with a mod that lets you hook up a midi keyboard for in game music play?
The music system is a copy and paste from Ashrons call 2...too bad they didnt copy and paste that world..its was so colorful and original..and not
too bad they didnt copy and paste that world

The world of Asheron's Call 2 was bland and generic, and was one of the reasons why Turbine never had more than a handful of players subscribing to AC2. LotRO's world is much, much better. And of course it isn't original. How could it be? It is based on a license and designed to replicate a world from a 60-year old book, not to be original.
bland and generic >? Did you actually play ac2 ? Ac2 failed becasue of techical issues during initial release, the high system requirements at the time and problems with the publisher. MMos today still havnt caught up with the tool set ac2 had for world events, weather effects, zone redecorating..I was so happy to see Turbine rezzing the music system..but graphically and otherwise the LOTRO world is a step back from the colorful alien world that could be changed on a whim that ac2 had.
Yes, I played AC2, and it totally deserved the lack of success it had. The landscape was huge, but apparently created with a random landscape generator, sparsely populated and nothing to write home about. And there wasn't much reason to move, you could stand in one place and keep killing monsters, because you didn't even need to go back to town to sell your loot, it was possible to do that whereever you were. Zone redecorating was possible just because nobody would miss whatever was replaced. AC2 was just plain boring, and I quit it early, and technical issues were not part of the problem.
Pinwiz said... How long until someone comes up with a mod that lets you hook up a midi keyboard for in game music play?

Already done.
I'm not so sure about "changed on a whim." I loved AC2 but Turbine rarely delivered on their promise of a changing world. They dammed a river and after a while they repaired a few cities, they plopped zombies down everywhere, meh.

Linvak Tukal was pretty random, but I found Omishan to be a lovely, varied setting with plenty of memorable spots. Osteth was just plain wonderful, still my favorite setting of all time - it was a maze with lots of neat plateaus and valleys. (Until WoW, AC2 was the only game I know of to set up interesting rules for mountain climbing or provide any sort of a payoff for it.)

Quests, NPCs, vendors.... what? This is how Turbine screwed up what should have been the greatest game of all time - they felt it was less important for the game to be fun than for it to be original and morally pure. If you think this is hyperbole, read the interviews.

Is the soundtrack music similar to that of AC2?

Also gg Turbine still not fixing the harp graphic after FIVE YEARS.
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