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Tuesday, May 15, 2007
Mix and match?

I played both World of Warcraft and Lord of the Rings Online last night. Logged on to WoW to check the mail and the AH, but got invited to a group. Didn't really work out, we only killed the first boss of the instance before we split up, but was fun anyway. Then I switched to LotRO and got my captain to level 10. Yep, he's better with a pet. But I never liked pet classes all that much. And having a "pet" that is human and is controlled by a pet action bar full of animal symbols somehow disturbs me. I'll try it a bit longer, but I don't think this captain has much of a future.

And playing two games I ended with the feeling of not having gotten much done in either. Can you mix MMORPGs, or should I cancel my WoW account?
The whole Captain / Herald thing feels too much like this to me:

Captain: "Mom, I'm going out with friends!"

Mother: "Ok, just take your little brother, Herald."

Captain: "But Mooooom!"

Mother: "Hush!"

Captain: *to Herald* "Ok, but you'd better not embarrass me in front of my friends."

*end dreamfade*


As for the MMO x 2 thing, I don't know. I usually play by careening from one adventure to another like a ping-pong ball in an empty dryer. It's the immersiveness of the world that makes or breaks the experience. Since I've seen and done all I care to in WoW, I cancelled and switched to LoTRO. Those for whom WoW still holds interest may still want to play.

If you did want to play both, in-game goals may help. IE: "In WoW, I will do x. If x isn't going to happen, I'll switch over to the other game." Goals may give your game time across games a better focus.
"should I cancel my WoW account?

LOL, troll.
I've been wondering the same thing, particularly looking ahead to AoC and Warhammer Online. Both intrigue me in different ways (their approaches to PvP are significantly different, but both appealing), but I don't relish the time commitment, fees, or division within my guild (small guild, not enough players to really maintain a presence in both games).

I guess it depends on what you want to do. For me, playing with my guild (ie friends) is most important, so I'll go and stay where they go and stay. But I can definitely see the advantages of logging on to one, not finding a group/anything interesting, then logging onto the other.
As I've said in other posts here, I play FFXI and WoW. The best method I've found for doing both is to have a group you work with towards a certain goal on certain nights. For me, I group with a set party on Monday nights as we level our way up to 75, and on Thursday night I group with a separate group and work on missions for FFXI. Other nights I've been spending recent time on WoW, but that's just because it's what's striking my fancy right now. If I want to play FFXI, I'll be playing that, with certain days

Thing is, I enjoy playing both games. I might rather be playing Game A right now, but I still enjoy Game B enough for me to not want to give it up, so I play it in set amounts.

I do think it's possible to play both games in the same night and feel like you've accomplished something... in a way, you figured out Captain is probably not something you'll like. You didn't know that when you made him though, so you did get something important out of it. But maybe it would be better for you to just have certain nights for certain games. *shrugs*
For some reason KHan's comment brought back memories of that Saturday morning classic, "Fat Albert & the Cosby Kids".

Bill: *to Russell* "Ok, but you'd better not embarrass me in front of my friends."

Russel: *to Bill* You don't need my help there!
I deleted a level 15 captain when I ran out of character slots. Seems like it could be fun in a dedicated group, but for solo play it was bringing nothing appreciable to the table that I couldn't do better with another class.

I'm trying to play LOTRO and EVE concurrently right now. That works ok because they're so different that if I don't feel like playing one I probably feel like playing the other. Not sure I could make it work with 2 games as simliar as LOTRO and WOW.
Well, the Captain actually has a Human pet, which I think is a mmorpg first, but who cares about pet classes, since everyone can solo, anyway.

There will never be another mmorpg where only certain classes can solo, so having a pet isn't really that big of a deal.

In fact, the lack of class depth is really going to hurt LOTRO.
I'd cancel WoW. I did, actually, cancel my WoW account for good recently and I'm enjoying spending time in various other games. I haven't yet picked out which one I'm going to stick with, of course, so for the moment I have several accounts open (on free trials).

For you, though, you have already chosen to play LOTRO for now. Canceling your WoW account won't hurt anything. It's not as if you can't easily reactivate it at any point with just a few minutes of work. And you'll still have until the next pay period would come up to play even if you do cancel now. So, if something happens that makes you really want to start playing it again you can reactivate before you even "lose" any time.

Why spend the extra $15/month when you don't have to?
This may not apply to you, but I pretty much just set aside raid nights for WoW and nonraid nights for other games.
I find if the gameplay of the two worlds is different enough I can enjoy two MMOGs at once. City of Heroes/Villians goes nicely with a Fantasy game for me, or EVE Online.

When I played WoW it was purely as a solo character, so it went well with my EQ2 subscription which I played exclusively with the small group of my wife and her best friend. Even though the settings and gameplay were pretty similar, the way I played them was entirely different due to social reasons.

I don't think I could play WoW group pve and LOTRO/EQ2 group pve at once. They would be too similar.

Your WoW playing is probably raid or PVP oriented at this point though, right? That might be enough to keep the playstyle different enough.

You already know the answer though, "depends on the games, depends on he person."
Cancel your WoW account.

It sounds like you've run it's course and you're bored with it.

You have been for quite some time, and all your recent posts refer to this. Just end it.

Enjoy the Shire.
personally, i can't play more than one game at a time. if i'm going to put the time into a game to play it well, advance as i wish, and experience the player interaction/ roleplay, i have to put lots of hours into that game - which precludes playing a second game.

i generally don't have more than one game installed one my machine at any one time - and if i do, the second game is usually completely different (single-player offline rpg, typically).
imho you can only play one mmorpg at the time. if therefor the conclusion is, cancel your wow-account, so be it. but don't bet on 2 paid horses ;)

(beta's and free trials are a must to see how green the grass is on the other side of the pool ^^)
should I cancel my WoW account?

Indeed - then set fire to the DVD just to make sure! All hail our new overlord, LotRo. ;)
film you setting fire to it, put it on youtube and let the forums have their fun on the death of WoW!

ive been reading your blog for a while and i definitely agree with kinless and the others who say you seem to have moved away from it in your postings.
Don't have to worry about playing Vanguard.
One game is more than enough.
Personally I am having enough trouble playing Real Life (tm) along with lotro so I definitely couldn't juggle two mmorpgs. It isn't just playing time - its also the immersion factor. That little space inside my head where I "live the game" can only handle one fantasy world at a time.

Remember there is nothing permanent about cancelling your WOW subscription. Cancel it for a trial month and if you find you can't live with out it you can always sign up again.
CoV's Masterminds have thugs, mercenaries, and ninjas as possible pet sets. All of whom are human, or at least mammals.

Of course, the CoV pet icons are a lot more stylized.


Also zombies and robots, but sadly no pirates.
I'm not sure two MMOs are playable in parallel, though I suspect so. Currently I am also bored of WoW, but not enough to leave it, as I haven't seen a lot of it yet, even though I've been level 70 for over 2 months now. The problem in my case is related to doing the same instances over and over and almost always as a healer (because most the time there isn't any other person to fill the spot, as dps classes mostly have other dps classes as alts), even though I have other alts over 60, including a 70 Hunter.

Gear-wise my main (Holy Pally) has everything she can get out of non-heroic instances at the exception of a trinket from the last BM boss, so I can't really do much more to evolve her at the moment, as some heroics are just too hard with the gear me and my usual group have (and they're pretty much maxed out on their non-heroic gear also). I keep doing the normal instances with her because there's always someone to help and I don't mind, though I *do* feel more and more tired of playing the same role in the same places.

This past weekend we went to Naxxramas for the sake of it and I had a blast. I'd never been there before and the mix between new place + relaxed run + interacting and goofing off with dozens of other people was just what I needed to lift my WoW spirits a bit. Also, most the times I go on runs with other characters, as one of the DPS classes it ends up being very relaxing because even if I've been there 20+ times it's different.

So, given that I'm not completely bored of WoW, I've decided to try something out before the subscription ends (at the end of June) - I'm going to run WoW on my laptop on an alt and read guild chat to see if anyone needs me for anything while I play single player games on the PC. When I have an instance run on WoW (be it to help out someone or if it's a run planned by my usual groupies or guild), I'll save game and log WoW in on the PC.

If I feel entertained that way, I'll stick to WoW and just alternate it with other games and with keeping up with my reading, which I've been neglecting for ages.

LOTR, from all I've read about it isn't really attracting me. Not really into its graphics and it's yet another fantasy MMO... The only thing that's intriguing me the least bit are Mistrels, but even that's not enough for me swapping WoW for it. Too bad that even if they announce World of Starcraft in a few days, it'll take ages coming out. What I am in the mood for lately as a possible on-the-side MMO is something SciFi-themed... but all the present SciFi MMOs are not attractive either.

I play Lotro almost nightly with 2 other RL friends. However I LOVE solo pvp'ing in battlegrounds with my human mage in WoW. So I really just play Lotro, but then switch over to WoW to set horde on fire every so often. It's a blast and worth the 15 bucks a month. WoW is essentially an arcade game for me now, not a MMORPG. So the 2 can peacefully co-exist.

If I was in your spot and never PvP'd much, then I would cancel WoW until Blizz came out with 1 or 2 more expansions. Blizz needs to learn that catering to 5% of the population content-wise is not smart.
I'm currently experimenting with playing both WoW and LoTR Online, but for me WoW is definitely my primary game. I'm in a "medium-core" raiding guild in WoW that raids 3-4 times per week for 4 hours at a time, and I've been playing WoW since a few months after release. I'm using LoTR online for "alt time", basically playing it casually on non-raid nights. I have a level 11 Man Guardian, and it's been great fun so far.

My WoW guild has all of Karazhan and Gruul's Lair on farm, and we've made some attempts on Magtheridon. Most of the guild is attuned to Serpentshrine Cavern now, so we'll be starting that soon as well. I'm really looking forward to the 2.1 patch, as that will make 25-man raiding much more fun and rewarding. The gear will be more plentiful and higher quality, and the fights less consumable dependent. The risk vs reward ratio will be properly balanced for 25-man raiding.

LoTR online is also great for me right now because I love the lore and playing in Middle Earth. Also, the leveling game is inherently more fun than the end-game for virtually every MMO. I plan to consume the LoTR content slowly on my off-nights from WoW.

WoW has a much better, more-developed end-game than LoTR, including raiding, 5-mans, and PvP. So for me, WoW is the best game on the market, and it will be my home for the forseeable future. But LoTR online is a great game too, and fortunately I have enough time to experience what it has to offer while still raiding in WoW.
I am currently playing CoV/CoH and LoTRO at the same time, works just fine. But that depends on the MMOG and the people you play with, different combinations may not work that well.

I suspect that I will drop LoTRO in a not too distant future, a bit too much annoyance factors in the game.
Actually regarding the comment "wow's endgame is raiding, 5 man and pvp" I would counter with "WoW's endgame is raiding, and some bastard stepchildren"

The rewards from raiding are better, and always will be, to get people to do it, the rewards (items, crafting recipes and mats etc) from 5 man or reputation or even pvp will never measure up. And even though players like me would rather do 5-man, eventually there is no point if I'm never going to be able to compete in pvp, or in crafting, etc. So no, WoW's endgame is great if you like to raid, but for 2 years they still haven't been able to balance it to do more, and I don't think anyone can. You can have a raiding game, a pvp game, a small group pve game, a crafting game, I am no longer sure you can have it all.
I am finding that actually having WoW still active along with LOTRO is actually increasing my enjoyment of LOTRO.

I am probably an obsessive gamer in that once i get a new game, thats the only game i have, and i thrash it out until something else comes along. Being a raid Leader for my WoW guild has meant i have not been able to do that in LOTRO, and i am thankful for it. Its allowed me to just sit back and slowly enjoy the game, instead of going very hard at it and missing alot.
I am finding that actually having WoW still active along with LOTRO is actually increasing my enjoyment of LOTRO.

Same here. WOW for a bit raiding + instances, LOTRO (founder) for quests, fun, less performance oriented.
Anonymous said:
"Well, the Captain actually has a Human pet, which I think is a mmorpg first"

Nope. One example would be that my Star Wars: Galaxies character had three rebel commandos as pets (and two robots and three grauls: it was unusual to have my own party of nine of us when only I was a player!)
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