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Friday, June 08, 2007
Blog shrinkage?

Two years ago, in the month of June 2005 I had 2,863 visits to this blog, about 100 a day. This week I had an average of 2,816 visits per day. And that is slightly down from just over 3,000 visits per day in March 2007. Growth from 2003, when I started my blog to now was phenomenal, but uneven. I had lots of phases with stable readership over a couple of months, and then spurts of growth over a couple of months. The last of these growth spurts was from 1,000 visits per day in September 2006 to the 3,000 visits per day in March 2007.

Now I'm tempted to speculate that the fact that growth has stopped is related to the fact that I stopped playing World of Warcraft, and am writing less about that game. But then I can't explain why that last growth spurt started only in September of last year, I've been blogging about WoW since end of 2004. And those posts I still write about WoW still get lots of hits from sites like WoWInsider or other MMO "news" sites.

I am not really worried that my blog is currently not growing in readership, or might even shrink a bit. I still don't have any advertising on my site, so while I take a certain natural pride in the number of hits I get, I don't derive any income from it. And I know that next month, July 2007 will probably be pretty horrible for my reader numbers, with maybe even some long-term decline caused: I will spend 3 weeks of summer holidays on an island, without taking my computer. That *might* cause 3 weeks of total silence on this blog, or if I manage to find some internet café some infrequent posts on hopefully rare rainy days. The advantage of not growing that fast any more is that it alleviates my fears that I hit some sort of traffic or bandwith restriction, because I'm using a free blogging service which probably doesn't allow unlimited bandwith.

Both me writing less about WoW, and possibly not writing at all during my summer holidays reflects the fact that I'm not wrapping the rest of my life around the blog. The blog is part of my life, but it is supposed to observe and record what I do, not to determine what I do or don't do.
Your wrong of course. This Blog is your life, you are chained to it. Nothing can replace the Blog. Give into the Blog. The power of Blog compels you, the power of Blog compels you.

3 weeks on an island?....Survivor: Tobold!!
Have fun ;D
There's no "big thing" right around the corner. Your concerns about Warhammer Online are valid, and I doubt Tabula Rasa is going to be a massive hit.

It's inevitable that readership slows down, since we're entered a mmorpg dry spell.

And this dry spell won't end anytime soon unless Blizzard announces a new mmorpg at the next Blizzcon.
Of course the real question is: will YOU go into withdrawals if you can't play for 3 weeks!
I'm sticking with WOW because I don't need to play LOTRO - you do it for me, which saves me no end of time! We were never at the same point in the game, your insights are worth reading regardless. Pre-BC raiding strategy whilst I was PVP-ing was just as engaging as your views on LOTRO, Warhammer or whatever. And after three weeks rest NetNewsWire will once more start pumping your output into my stack.

Have a nice vacation.

Auf Widersien (sorry for the misspell),
@Mindkiller: Thanks for the laugh :)

@Anroth: It's Auf Wiedersehen :)

@Tobold: Have a great vacation!!! Hope to see some good info about it when you get back.
On patch days especially, WoW counts for a large percentage of the top searches on Google. Scary.

Enjoy your time away, computerless and all. =)
here's to hoping and praying that Warhammer turns out to be excellent and you blog about it lots.
If only you could find some way of having a guest blogger while you were away - or a "blogger-pop-idol" for those 3 weeks
Google owns blogspot now, so I dont think you'll have to worry too much about bandwidth useage ;).
I think you are right about WoW Tobold. I find myself still visiting because of the past wow history in here. But visiting and getting "no wow kick" leaves me coming less and less. I think many others are doing the same.
This isn't a bad thing. You should play and write about whatever you like. You just turned away from the biggest MMO and that will have consequenses for you daily hit count on the blog.
Tobold - I think I started reading your blog around September of last year... I hadn't done a lot of WoW Blog reading, but saw your blog linked from WoW Insider and it quickly became one of my favorites. I am not giving WoW Insider full credit for your jump in September, just that it coincided with when I started to read it, and I got your link from them.

Enjoy your Vacation :)
Good for you. Don't let blogging become a chore. Enjoy your vacation.

Oddly enough, my own time as one of your readers reflects accurately your numbers. I started playing wow around September 2006. At that time, I started reading wow related blogs, including yours. I have enjoyed your comments on other mmorpgs, but came mostly for the wow related entries. With your declining posts related to wow, has my number of visits declined as well.
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