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Saturday, July 07, 2007
Out for holidays

The suitcases are packed, the alarm is set for very early tomorrow morning, and then I'm off for my holidays. So on my blog it will be rather silent for the next three weeks. I found out that where I'm going they have an internet cafe, so maybe I can report occasionally how I'm surviving with just a PSP for games. But I'm not promising anything, first priority is family and relaxation. See you later!
Enjoy your vacation.
Take care and have fun!
Have a nice vacation !
Yep, have fun!
Have a great vacation.

Enjoy and relax, etc....
What about your Chronicles of Spellborn beta account? Can I have it? ;)
Your characters will have a lot of rest XP when you return.
have a great holiday!
Enjoy your holidays, Tobold!
What's the betting Tobold makes at least one post while on his hol's?

I say he makes 2 before he returns...
This thread could end up being his largest ever. I hope Tobold's vacation is enjoyable, but if something amazing is announced at E3 or Blizzcon, the temptation to update his blog might be overwhelming.

The rumor is that two new titles - besides SC2 - will be announced at Blizzcon. You can bet that one of them is the next WoW expansion, so that leaves only two options for the other mystery title.

Diablo 3
Universe of Starcraft

Sadly, it will probably be Diablo 3.

I think the odds are good that SC2 and D3 were already in production before WoW was released and Blizzard still wasn't sure how their mmorpg experiment was going to be received.

This means that Blizzard's next mmorpg could still be 3+ years away, which would be disastrous, in my opinion.

Well, disastrous for Vivendi, I mean.

Not so much for Mythic or SOE or Turbine )
Just two things to say.... ^_^

1) I'll miss your posts... But I understand that you too needs some holidays.
2) Have fun!!!
Have a good break! :)
Wait... take me with you!
Party in Tobold's comments while he's gone!
Enjoy your trip!
Have fun out there Tobold!
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